What tax reform means for a small town in Illinois

This morning, Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) joined the weekly House Republican Leadership press conference to highlight the success of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act and how are work is delivering more jobs, fairer taxes, and bigger paychecks to men and women across this country. He highlighted his recent visit to the Litchfield, Illinois Walmart, the town’s biggest employer, where employees received bonuses and wage increases thanks to tax reform.

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Rep. Davis’s Remarks:

“I am really honored to be here to talk about the impact of the tax reform in rural America in my district in central and southwestern Illinois. As Cathy mentioned, several businesses that serve my district have been positively impacted by the legislation that this team behind me worked so hard to get across the finish line at the end of last year.

“On Friday I went to Litchfield, Illinois, a town of about 7,000 people in my district because their largest employer just raised wages, gave a $1,000 bonus to their employees, and expanded maternity and parental benefits. Like many of our rural communities across the country, Walmart is a staple in Litchfield, Illinois and it is home to several hundred employees.

“Rob Hammer is the manager at that store and I was excited to walk in and meet with Rob. He had a group of folks: Lauren, Chester, Lisa, and Ryan and they took me around the store to introduce me to a lot of employees. And I asked them all, ‘what do these benefits mean to you?’ It meant something different to each of them but they all agreed that these benefits provided by their company meant a lot more than just crumbs.

“Rob was taking me around and I saw a lot of 20- and 25-year employee pins on their nametags. Walmart is not just an employer in rural America. In many cases, again it’s the largest employer in many towns, but it’s also a career for many of the people I am blessed to serve.  And each and every one of those employees told me they have never seen the investment in them and the investment in the stores with capital improvements on the way then what they’re seeing after the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.

:So it was an opportunity for me to see a few of the millions of hard working middle-class Americans who have been left behind by Washington for far too long. We are seeing and hearing directly from them that they’re seeing their paychecks grow and lives improve because of tax reform. Thank you.”