What tax reform means for Louisiana

One million new jobs since tax reform was enacted.

3.8 percent unemployment — an 18-year low!

Consumer confidence is up!

And these are only a handful of the many benefits of our booming economy. Thanks to Republicans’ pro-growth, pro-family policies like regulatory relief and tax reform, Americans are dreaming again.

To highlight what tax reform means for people at home, representatives from Louisiana took to the House floor to share what they’ve been hearing. Check it out ↓ and be sure to read more at FairandSimple.gop.


“Mr. Speaker, when I last had the honor to host a Special Order, the House was debating the merits of tax reform, and in that debate, supporters of the tax reform promised higher wages, a stronger economy, greater opportunity, and shared prosperity. Six months after President Trump signed the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act into law, the results are in, and we can now confidently say that the days of a weak and sluggish economy are behind us. America is again a rising nation. America is again a nation where families are able to keep more of what they earn.”

“…rather than just talking about the sum of the benefits, I would like to talk about a specific success story, because when we relate this to real people and what it means to real, average, everyday, hardworking Americans, that is where we understand the real benefit.

“I want to talk about the success story of Canal Coffee shops, owned and operated by Bossier City native Rodrick James. Starting in 2016, Mr. James and Priscilla Mayfield opened their anchor store in downtown Kinder, Louisiana, and quickly saw success in the coffee shop and light lunch business model. Remarkably, Mr. James built his business from the ground up without taking a small business loan. He expanded his business to include shops in Oberlin and Shreveport, Louisiana. And now with the implementation of pro-growth policies, Mr. James has announced that he plans to open a fourth and then a fifth store in the very near future.

“The self-described entrepreneur is anxious to make a difference, and he said: ‘The latest tax reform bill will definitely be good for me. I am growing—my business is growing—and this tax relief will help me continue that growth.’ He continued: ‘I pay my employees well already, but there is a lot I can do to grow faster with the extra money.’

“See, our district is full of small business owners like Rodrick James. They are working long hours. They are sacrificing. They are playing by the rules. They are giving their all to achieve their own version of the American Dream. In fact, that is how we define the American Dream. If you are willing to sacrifice, you are willing to work hard, you are willing to play by the rules, you ought to be able to make a better life for yourself and your family, for your children that come after you, and now we are enabling that again.

“This Congress has delivered a fairer, simpler tax code that has allowed small business owners, just like Rodrick, to keep more of their hard-earned dollars and reinvest in their employees, businesses, and community. Mr. James served our nation in the U.S. Army for eight years before becoming a business owner, and now he strives to remain community-focused. He has donated over $7,000 to students in our area, and as his business continues to grow, we are certain he is going to continue to sow those good seeds back into the community. His story is truly inspiring. It embodies the essence of what it means to be an American.

“I am proud to represent him and his business right here in this Congress. All around the Fourth District, throughout Louisiana, and every corner of our great nation, you can find remarkable people who share Mr. James’s experience. Their dreams, that they work hard every day to achieve, can become even bigger with tax reform. This is a big thing for the country. As my colleagues have said and reiterated here tonight, Mr. Speaker, America is back, and we are humbled to have been a part of it.”


“Mr. Speaker, in the 1980s, it was known for big hair, big bangs—I know my sister had bangs about to here. I made that up. Maybe it was here— parachute pants, mullets, and all sorts of other things that we now recognize were awful ideas. We have updated our thoughts, but we were still living with a tax code from the 1980s, a tax code that was 32 years old, a tax code that simply made the United States uncompetitive in regard to other nations.”

“We are seeing the lowest unemployment rate in years for women, for African Americans, for Hispanics—6.6 million jobs available today, one of the highest numbers we have seen in history in available jobs today. This is working. Mr. Speaker, this is being complemented with regulatory relief. This is being complemented with removing or rescinding old regulations, updating and making it more efficient so we can compete on a global scale with countries around the world. The tax bill is working, and it is extraordinary the success that we are seeing.”

“Mr. Speaker, back in my home State of Louisiana, we have seen companies like Spillway Sportsman, where I have spoken to Scott, the owner, expanding facilities and offering more services to customers. We have seen LHC Group, a health care company, raising wages, providing more in retirement benefits to their employees, and we have seen Gulf South Bank raising their minimum wage and investing in bonuses in their employees to ensure that those employees are reaping the benefits from these changes in the tax code and the increased competitiveness in the United States.”


“Mr. Speaker, over the course of the past 500 days, this Congress has worked with President Trump to pass historic tax cuts and regulatory reform. As a result, this is the strongest economy we have seen in two decades. Many of my colleagues across the aisle, whom I respect, continue to posture otherwise, ignoring the facts. They have dismissed our efforts as crumbs, saying that tax cuts are Armageddon. But outside of this Chamber, outside of the small bubble that is D.C., the real America exists and real Americans who get it. People concerned with earning an honest living and providing for their families, because of tax reform, those families are seeing new jobs created. They are seeing real wage growth. They are seeing new investments in their communities.

“Mr. Speaker, I travel throughout the district that I represent. I speak directly to the citizens that I serve. In Lafayette, Abbeville, New Iberia, Lake Charles, everywhere we go, there are real people telling real stories about how tax cuts are improving their lives. Americans that I represent, they have shared their stories about how they are using their tax cut to pay bills, to save for retirement, or to buy new school clothes for the kids. Small business owners across south Louisiana have shared how they are expanding operations and investing in their employees. That is the real impact on families in Louisiana and across America.

“This body spent months debating the merits of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. I and many of my colleagues projected more jobs, more investment, and a stronger economy. We were right. Those projections have become reality: nearly three million new jobs since President Trump was elected; one million new jobs since we passed historic tax cuts; unemployment at its lowest point in half a century; consumer confidence at a 17-year high; small business optimism at an all-time high; and real GDP growth projected at over four percent for 2018. Let me share that I have read the Book of Revelation. This is no Armageddon. This is a historically strong economy fueled by tax cuts and regulatory reform. Mr. Speaker, America is back. We are open for business, and Americans will continue to benefit from the progrowth conservative policies of President Trump and this Republican Congress.”