Rep. Kevin Yoder at Stakeout: What tax reform means to Kansas

This morning, Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-KS) joined the weekly House Republican Leadership press conference to discuss news of the day and share more about the feedback he received while he was home. Rep. Yoder visited several local businesses to hear what tax reform means for the families and workers that inspired the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.

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“Many of us were home in our districts last week, talking to our constituents about what matters most to them, what’s on their minds, and the tax cuts are starting to hit the paychecks for a lot of our constituents…I went around my district and met with many businesses from big box retailers to small tech companies to manufacturers to financial institutions — all across the board — talking to employees from bank tellers to checkout clerks about what these tax cuts mean to them.

“In Washington, this tends to be a philosophical debate sometimes about what good tax policy is, but back home in places like Kansas, this means bigger paychecks, this means greater opportunity for our constituents, it means small business growth, it means investment in our community, and it means a renewed sense of optimism. I think many of my constituents are astonished to actually find out that it was true that they’re getting a tax cut and that they’re actually getting a bigger paycheck because of our bill. Partly because of the misinformation that has been portrayed in many stories, and partly because they’re not used to seeing something good come out of Washington, D.C. They’re expecting their taxes to go up or another burden to be placed on them and their families. To actually know they’re receiving thousands more in their paycheck for the average family, it was a really impressive set of conversations that I had with folks across the district. I want to share with you some takeaways that I heard from the variety of folks that I visited with.

“There are bonuses being felt on top of the tax cuts — bonuses being felt by hourly wage earners at any businesses. I went to Home Depot in my community…they’ve given bonuses to their employees. So in addition to mixing paint and testing out some power tools, I also met with some employees to hear about what those bonuses mean to them. I even heard from employees who had there as little as two week — they hadn’t even gotten their first paycheck and they received a $200 bonus.

“But it wasn’t just about bonuses. I also visited a local Walmart in Shawnee, Kansas, where they increased benefits to their employees…paid maternity leave to ten weeks, paid paternity leave to six weeks, even helping with adoption.

“…that’s the buzz back in the district: the great American comeback.”