What could be more patriotic than tax reform?

For too long, American workers and their families have been struggling under a tax code that barely let them get by, let alone get ahead.

That changed with the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. With more than 90 percent of Americans receiving bigger paychecks, more than four million receiving more than $3 billion in bonuses, jobs and profits coming back from overseas, and businesses expanding, our country has the boost it has long needed. A majority of Americans support our work on pro-family, pro-growth tax reform.

Not only did not a single Democrat vote for these jobs and bigger paychecks — they now refer to these bonuses as “crumbs” and tax reform as “unpatriotic.”

What could be more patriotic than the opportunity for a better life?

At home, House Republicans are celebrating this opportunity with the workers, families, students, and business owners they represent. Check it out ↓ and be sure to read more at FairandSimple.gop!