McMorris Rodgers on CNBC: We want to keep tax relief going

Tax relief benefits families, workers, and small business owners. And thanks to House Republicans’ pro-growth policies like lifting regulations and cutting taxes, consumer confidence is at higher levels than we’ve seen in 18 years!

As House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) highlights on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly promised to raise taxes on hardworking Americans if given the opportunity. We, on the other hand, want to keep this tax relief going — and make it permanent.

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Here’s what you may have missed:

Democrats Pledge to Raise Taxes

“The Americans are going to have a choice this fall. Nancy Pelosi, who has made it clear that she’s campaigning for Speaker has said that she would lead by raising taxes. We have reduced taxes on individuals, on families, on small businesses. We’re seeing the impact on our economic growth. We are very encouraged with the numbers — lowest unemployment rates now, 3.9 percent since 2000. Business startups, the confidence, consumer confidence, individuals, families, small businesses…we want to keep it going because this is about improving people’s lives. Americans are benefiting because of tax relief that we passed this Congress and we’re seeing it in the economy. And that is our goal to keep that going.”

Trusting North Korea

“It was great to see these three Americans. I’m relieved that they are going to be reunited with their families. It’s a testament to President Trump and his administration and the pressure that they’ve been putting on North Korea…I think we need to just keep the pressure on them. Congress has been keeping the pressure on them, too. We’ve increased sanctions on North Korea that have contributed to getting North Korea to the table. But don’t let talks fool us. You know they like to delay and they like to make sure that they have their own goals, too.”

“Clearly this has been an about face by North Korea and I am encouraged. As I said, this is a testament to President Trump, his administration, their leadership, and the pressure that they’ve been putting on North Korea. I’m encouraged that we are entering into these talks. This is part of getting us to where we want to be, but we need to go into it with eyes wide open.”

Flawed Iran Deal

“This was a flawed deal from the very beginning, and it was not a deal that I ever supported. I never felt confident that this was going to ensure that Iran would not develop or move forward with a nuclear program. I applaud the president for his bold leadership. This is to make sure that America is safe and secure, our allies, especially our ally Israel, and I’m pleased that he made this decision and I encourage our European allies to join us in getting Iran to the table so that we can actually make sure that we have inspectors in place and that we have confidence that they are not moving forward in developing a nuclear program.”