“We must be warriors for human dignity”

House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) joins Ben Domenech on a recent episode of the Federalist Radio Hour. In the interview, McMorris Rodgers highlights the importance of restoring trust in representative government, celebrating the potential of every human life, and helping people pursue their dreams through policy solutions like the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.

Key Quote:

“Let’s celebrate what every person has to offer…let’s be on the side of potential and possibility. No matter who they are. No matter where they come from. We want to be on the side of doing everything we can so that people can live their version of the American dream.”

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“The economy is doing well. I would suggest that the tax cut and its impact on the economy is just beginning and we’re going to continue to see that through 2018. Tax reform’s impact on creating jobs and bringing back jobs, and take home pay, that’s going to continue.”


“People are frustrated when they see the corruption, when they see the lack of transparency, when they see so many stories whether it’s in Congress or within the federal government, of people that are not serving the citizens of this country, but are putting their own self interest first.

“We must take action that will restore trust and confidence in representative government, in the rule of law, and in the legislative process. We’ve got to hold people accountable. For those that are, unfortunately, putting their own selfish motives, they must be held accountable.”


“I have the joy of having a 10 year-old son who was born with that extra 21st chromosome, Cole. I am a testimony, and Cole is a testimony, that just because something is hard, doesn’t mean that it is not positive. Cole has had such a positive impact on me, my family, my work here on Capitol Hill. I am proud to be a part of the disability community because they celebrate what every person has to offer, the value in every person. And that’s who America is.

“We must be warriors for human dignity and human value. This must continue to be who we are. So it breaks my heart when I hear a country like Iceland celebrating no people with down syndrome or Denmark being on a campaign to ensure that there are no people with down syndrome. We should be exploring what those with down syndrome have to offer the world. Those with down syndrome because of early intervention, schools, and improved health outcomes, are living to be 50-60 years old.”

“We should celebrate every life, every life what it has to offer, and not be so quick to say, ‘oh, we can take care of this prenatally.’ More and more people are siding with life. We all have our own challenges and struggles but my message to my colleagues is to celebrate what every person has to offer.

“Lets be on the side of potential and on possibility and being the champions for every person to live up to their full potential. No matter who they are, no matter where they come from, we want to be on the side of doing everything we can so that people can live their version of the American dream.”


“…World Down Syndrome Day it is really just an opportunity to celebrate those with down syndrome and everything that they have done and everything that they can do to have a positive impact on our lives. We need to focus on someone’s ability. I think it is so easy to focus on a disability and then cast someone aside and say, ‘oh, well, they can’t do something.’ You know what? I’ve learned not to put any limits on Cole.”