TV Roundup: These House Republicans Are On a Rescue Mission

Big news! We’re one step closer to rescuing families from Obamacare’s epic fails. Now that two of our House committees have approved our American Health Care Act, the bill goes to the Budget Committee for the next step in our open, transparent process.

House Republicans have been all over the news in support of our rescue mission.  Here’s a recap that you’re not going to want to miss:

 Rep. Mike Bishop (R-MI) on Fox Business with Liz Claman

On the Ways and Means markup: “The Chairman was very good about hearing from everybody. It was an open and transparent process. It was only a 54-page bill, so everybody read it. It was a very good, thorough examination of our part of what we’re doing on this health care act. …This is the first change that we’ve seen, the first real amendment to any entitlement in the 52-year history of Medicaid. This is a $1 trillion tax cut — there are so many good things in this bill. We have to make sure that we recognize that.”  

Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL) on MSNBC with Katy Tur


There have been details that have been worked out in the last couple of weeks but the principles of this piece of legislation have been discussed for a very long time. …The health care bill that was passed in 2009 and 2010 was over 2,000 pages. …When you’re about freedom and choice, you don’t need 2,000 pages of laws. You can keep it short, you can get to the point, and get the job done.”

Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R-TN) on the House floor


“Why pay so much for health insurance if you still can’t afford to see a doctor? It puts us right back where we started – and no one thought the status quo before Obamacare was good enough. I’m glad to see the American Health Care Act was released, and I look forward to working on specific legislative details with my colleagues so that we can finally fix our broken health care system.”

Rep. Andy Barr (R-KY) on the House floor

The American Health Care Act is a dramatic improvement over Obamacare. The bill kills job-killing individual and employer mandates. It kills one trillion dollars of Obamacare’s worst taxes, including the medical device tax, the health insurance tax, and the Medicare payroll tax. …In stark contrast to Obamacare, we are actually reading the bill and we invite the American people to do the same:”

Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) and Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) on Fox Business with Charles V Payne

Rep. Kelly:We really want health care to be in the hands of the people who actually use it. …We’re going to do the right thing for the American people, and we’re going to do things that make sense and are truly sustainable. The path we’re on right now is truly unsustainable.

Rep. Babin: “Obamacare is a disaster. I’m a health care professional…it’s in a death spiral. We know that. It’s costing people their coverage, their premiums are so high they can’t use the policies they do have. So I’m looking forward — I’m optimistic — we’re trying to get to ‘yes’ on this bill.”

Now is the time to repeal Obamacare and replace it with President Trump’s proposed reforms. Don’t forget to share the American Health Care Act on Facebook, Twitter, or copy this link directly: READTHEBILL.GOP