McMorris Rodgers: The focus is on improving people’s lives

House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) led this morning’s House Republican Leadership press conference and  highlighted our continued work delivering on the American people’s priorities. This includes the vote later this week on the 2018 Farm Bill, which provides stability to our nation’s farmers and helps bring work-capable people off the sidelines and into millions of available jobs. These job openings are largely thanks to to House Republicans’ work to reform the tax code, roll back regulations, and get our economy booming. For more on that, visit

The Chair’s Remarks:

“We’re continuing to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the state of Israel, the moving of the embassy. In addition, this week in the People’s House, we’re continuing to work on a number of bills focusing on America’s heroes. We’re honoring police officers, who wear the uniform and defend us every day. We’re also continuing our efforts to rebuild the VA so that it can improve care, build trust, and roll out the red carpet for our veterans. In addition to all this, we’re excited about the numbers. We see our economy booming, and the focus on improving people’s lives. “We have the lowest unemployment since 2000, wages are at the highest level in nearly 20 years…our agenda, from tax reform to unleashing energy potential to regulatory relief, is working. And now it’s our goal to build upon this momentum by empowering people to achieve their version of the American Dream.

“It’s why, this week, we are advancing the Farm Bill, which ensures a safe and secure food supply, as well as nutritional support for those in need. On behalf of the farmers I represent in Eastern Washington, I’d like to thank the Chairman, Michael Conaway who is with us today, for his leadership and his work on this important legislation.

“We’re grateful for how he has brought us to this point. You are hearing a lot of scare tactics and false information. We’re here to set the record straight in three important areas:

“First, we maintain nutritional assistance. There are no cuts.

“Second, this legislation will help the work-capable adults gain the skills so they can move off of the sidelines into one of the six million jobs that are currently open in America.

“And third, work and education requirements only apply to work-capable adults. NOT seniors, NOT individuals with disabilities, NOT parents with children under the age of six, and NOT pregnant women.”