Chair Conaway at Stakeout: The Farm Bill will move this country forward

House Agriculture Committee Chair Mike Conaway (R-TX) joined today’s House Republican Leadership press conference to highlight the 2018 Farm Bill. The Farm Bill provides stability to our nation’s farmers and helps bring work-capable people off the sidelines and into millions of available jobs. These job openings are largely thanks to to House Republicans’ work to reform the tax code, roll back regulations, and get our economy booming. For more on that, visit

“This work on reforming SNAP started three years ago with the committee. We’ve done a terrific job of trying to analyze what works, what doesn’t work with the SNAP. The idea is to bring the best policy forward we could. We didn’t talk about dollars or spending at any point until right at the end. And as we scored our bill, it does fit within the parameters that I was charged with and it works to move this country forward.

“It couldn’t be coming at a better time. The economy is growing. In addition to the six million jobs that are open now, there are new jobs being created every day across this country. There is a gap between those work-capable individuals out there 18 to 59, the skills they have or don’t have, and the skills necessary for these jobs. We’re going to empower the states to bridge that gap because I think that’s where the best work gets done in this arena.

“So I’m excited about having this conversation with anybody about what we’re trying to do on a legitimate, on an honest basis, as Cathy said a lot of misinformation in the arena. Been working to try to quiet that down. Last night the Rules Committee had an interesting exchange with a colleague from California who said a lady had contacted her office was trying to figure out how she could help the food bank. She had been on SNAP. She and her husband had gotten jobs, they were now making enough money to be above the level of needing SNAP.

“They were now in a position to try to help other people and they were trying to figure out how they could help the food bank that had helped them during those time frames.  I looked at her said ‘ma’am, that’s the exact scenario we want. That’s the win we want. That’s the impact that we’re trying to create with these SNAP changes. Thank you very much for sharing that with us because that’s exactly where we want to go.’ And now our job is to try to continue to get that message out moving forward.”