House GOP Chair on Fox Business: We’re going to get tax reform done by Christmas

Ahead of tomorrow’s historic vote on pro-family, pro-growth tax reform, House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business this morning to discuss the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. In the interview, she highlights the unity between the House, Senate, and White House on the importance of tax relief and the shared goals for economic growth.

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Tax Relief by Christmas

“We believe we’re on track. We’re really encouraged that the Senate is moving forward. The House is planning to vote on this package tomorrow afternoon. And then be able to go to conference with the Senate. The Senate is on a parallel track. Their goal is to pass it out of the Senate when they return after Thanksgiving. We’d be able to go to conference, work out the differences, and get this on the President’s desk by Christmas.”

On High Tax States

“We are for providing tax relief for everyone — individuals, families, small businesses. We’ve been looking at those high tax states that are especially impacted and that’s where the deduction for property tax up to $10,000 really made a big difference for middle-income families, those that are making $150,000 – $300,000 that were going to get especially hit.”

Cutting the Corporate Rate Immediately = Economic Growth

“This package is both pro-family and pro-economic growth…that 20 percent corporate tax rate, making it permanent is most important. The President has also made it very clear that he wants it immediate. That was the position that the House took. Let’s get that done immediately so we can get that economic growth.”