Roses are red….

..Violets are blue.

Bonuses are great.

And tax cuts are, too.

This Valentine’s Day will be extra sweet with more than four million people receiving more than $3 billion in bonuses, and 90% seeing a bigger paycheck this month thanks to the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.

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Rep. Roger Williams (R-TX) in the Cleburne Times-Review: Everything is bigger in Texas, including your paycheck

Unfortunately, since the bill’s inception, the Democrats are playing a game of moving targets where the rhetoric is changing as quickly as the economy. As soon as their buzzword or talking point of the day is proven wrong, they pull another one out of their imaginary hat of deception. The fact of the matter is, this bill is working and liberal lawmakers are doing everything they can to convince you otherwise.

We are hardly over a month into 2018 and it is apparent on every street corner that tax reform is quickly proving to be effective. Small businesses are now able to take risk to get reward. Employers are seeing the biggest corporate tax cut in our nation’s history, and in turn they are reinvesting in their business to hire more Americans and raise wages.

All of this sounds great but what does it all mean for Texas? It means the 600,000 workers in our district started taking more money to the bank as early as Feb. 1. It means parents can start saving for their kid’s future by putting away funds for college. It means companies are increasing their workforce, and that those individuals can keep more of the money they earned throughout their lives. Ultimately, all this means more jobs, fairer taxes, and bigger paychecks.

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