On the Floor: House GOP highlights tax reform successes

It’s been 21 days since the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act became the law of the land.

With pro-family, pro-growth tax reform, we promised more jobs, fairer taxes, and bigger paychecks — and that’s what Americans are getting. In the past three weeks, we’ve had businesses big and small across the country increase salaries and pledge more investment. We’re talking about your local auto shops, community banks, and hometown businesses. More than $1 billion in bonuses are being given to more than one million Americans — and counting!

As Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) said while recapping her time in Eastern Washington over the holidays, “Peace of mind, more jobs, bigger paychecks, fairer taxes. These are real, tangible results that we promised to the American people. And in 2018, we’re going to continue focusing on those priorities that will make our economy boom.”

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This week, House Republicans took to the House floor to highlight the tangible results they’re seeing in their home states and the renewed hope that tax reform brings to this country. Check it out:

Rep. Glenn “G.T.” Thompson (R-PA):

“Mr. Speaker, last month, Congress passed the historic Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. Tax relief is upon us for American workers, families, and job creators. Come February, there will be more money in your paychecks.

“Workers have already seen the benefits of these historic tax cuts. Businesses across the country are now giving bonuses, pay raises, and making new investments that will get our economy back on track.

“Pennsylvania’s own AccuWeather provided a year-end bonus to all employees due to the strong confidence in the United States and global economy now that tax reform passed. And AccuWeather isn’t alone.

“Thanks to tax reform, Wells Fargo boosted its minimum wage for employees to $15 an hour, and targeted $400 million in nonprofit donations this year.

AT&T paid more than 200,000 U.S. employees $1,000 each and increased its capital spending budget by $1 billion.

Sinclair Broadcast Group paid $1,000 bonuses to nearly 9,000 employees. These are just some of the many businesses that are rewarding their employees thanks to tax reform, fair and simple.”

Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA):

“We are already seeing the positive impact of tax reform. More than 100,000 businesses and corporations are giving back to their employees and communities as a direct response to the passage of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.

“This historic tax reform legislation has paved the way for a better American business environment, and hardworking people are benefitting from the contributions of major employers and service providers, including in my home state of Washington.

Boeing announced a total investment of $300 million dedicated to corporate giving, employee training, and infrastructure improvement.

Alaska Airlines provided $1,000 bonuses for more than $20,000 employees.

Washington Federal is increasing salaries by 5 percent for employees making under $100,000, investing in training, technology upgrades, and making $5 million philanthropic contributions.

“These benefits and tax relief will have a lasting effect on Washington families, and I look forward to continue working towards bigger paychecks, better jobs, and a more prosperous economy.”

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC):

“Last week I had the opportunity to visit every county in the district I represent on an annual agenda day tour. I shared with local media and constituents the legislative agenda for 2018, as well as my appreciation for the Republican tax reform which has already created jobs.

“While walking through Walgreens two weeks ago, the owner of Mooneyhan’s Auto Service, Bill Mooneyhan, told me that as a direct result of Republican tax cuts, he is adding a new bay to his shop.

“Nephron Pharmaceuticals…led by Lou and Bill Kennedy, announced an annual $5,000 pay increase and adding 125 jobs in Lexington County.

“American Airlines and AFLAC are adding jobs while countless other businesses are providing pay increases and bonuses for their employees.”

Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX):

“Mr. Speaker some folks in Washington are upset because we just passed the largest tax decrease in American history. They think this money is Washington’s money, and that politicians and bureaucrats can decide how to spend it. I could not disagree more.

“You and I know that this money belongs to the American people. It came right out of their wallets. Under our new law, we put hardworking families first by helping them cope with the cost of raising children by doubling the Child Tax Credit.

“We also help small businesses by cutting their taxes so that they can compete with foreign companies and create jobs right here in America.”