Tax Reform Spotlight: Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD)

The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act is about more jobs, fairer taxes, and bigger paychecks. It’s about helping people from all backgrounds and walks of life get ahead when for too long they had a tax code that barely let them get by. And with businesses across the country pledging more than $1.5 billion in bonuses to two million people (and counting), tax reform is already delivering.

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Shortly after the bill was signed into law, Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD), who played a major role in getting this bill across the finish line, launched a tax reform tour around her state. During her visits to communities across South Dakota, she heard from families and workers and highlighted the key provisions of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act that will impact them.

As she explained in her personal recap of the event: “I’ve received many questions from folks since the bill’s passage: How will it impact my family? What does it mean for South Dakota? During the first few days of January, I fought the frigid temps and hit the road to answer many of these questions.”

Check out some of the highlights:

Black Hills Bagels in Rapid City

From her recap: “The first stop was Black Hills Bagels in Rapid City. Debra Jensen first opened the bakery in 1997 and has since expanded to two locations. South Dakota is home to around 83,000 small businesses like this. They employ nearly 60 percent of our state’s workforce, and through tax reform, many will have access to a new small business deduction, lower tax rates, and better expensing tools. Each of these provisions were designed to keep more money locally, better ensuring that what we make in South Dakota is spent in South Dakota to grow wages and create jobs at home.”

Lunch with young moms in Sioux Falls

From her recap: “We talked about the standard deduction and Child Tax Credit as well, but we also spent some time discussing the Child Care Credit. South Dakota has the highest rate of working moms in the country. The Child Care Credit is specifically designed to reduce the burden of day care expenses for working families.”

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Sitting down with Luke and Emma Perkins in their home in Brookings

From her recap: “In Brookings, I dropped by the home of Luke and Emma Perkins. They’ve been married a little over four years, have two beautiful children with another due in March, and work for Equip Campus Ministries at SDSU. For young families like theirs, we double the standard deduction, meaning the first $24,000 a couple makes is tax free. The Child Tax Credit is doubled to $2,000 per child. And on top of that, we lowered tax rates. Let’s say Luke and Emma make $78,000 as a couple. Under the old tax code, the family’s 2018 tax bill would be more than $2,600. With tax reform, it would drop to $99.”

These were only a handful of the workers, families, and business owners Rep. Noem met with while home over the holidays. For a full recap of her tour, CLICK HERE, and follow her on twitter at @RepKristiNoem.