Tax reform is the result of hundreds of hours of work

Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD) on the House floor this week: 

We have worked hours–literally hundreds of hours–on this legislation, and I commend Chairman Brady and the staff of the Ways and Means Committee for all of their hard work.

Mr. Speaker, we have gone through this bill line by line. I have personally fought for policies and ideas in this bill to make sure that it works for families, to make sure that it increases wages, and creates more opportunity for folks all across America.

My goal in this was two-fold. Number one, I wanted to strengthen families. Number two, I wanted to create a stronger future for America. This tax reform package puts us well on our way to achieving these goals and achieving some remarkable wins for the American people.

I say this because this plan simplifies the Tax Code. It simplifies it to the point that most people can file their taxes on a form the size of a postcard. It also gives significantly lower rates. It dramatically expands the child tax credit. It keeps the child care credit. It protects flexible spending benefits.

These provisions for working families are important to me. My home State of South Dakota has the highest rate of working families in the Nation. The moms and dads in my State aren’t working just for fun. They are working to pay the bills to provide for their families. They need money to put food on the table and to put a roof over their kids’ heads. These provisions are going to help them pay their bills, take care of their kids, go to work, and maybe, just maybe, get a little extra money that they can take their kids off for a weekend and do something fun together. That is important.

When these kids grow up, I want them to be able to find good, high- paying jobs. So I fought hard to make sure that our farmers, our ranchers, and our small businesses could thrive under this new Tax Code. We got some pretty big wins for those folks.

In this bill, we fully and permanently repeal the death tax–that un- American, unfair double tax. W give people better expensing tools and we drive down the rate for small businesses. If we are going to make sure that our kids can thrive, we need to create opportunities for them to make sure that they can do it right here in America, and this tax reform package lets hardworking job creators do that better.

Mr. Speaker, I understand that no tax reform plan is going to be perfect in everybody’s eyes, but this proposal is a strong step forward. It reflects real, sustainable policy changes that are going to let people keep more money in their pockets.

I have heard from many throughout this debate, who have spoken up against these tax cuts and these reforms–people who trust the government with this money more than they trust the American people.

Mr. Speaker, I fundamentally disagree. The American people deserve more control over their paychecks. They have worked hard to earn that money. They have taken time away from their families to earn that money. They ought to be the ones deciding how, where, and when to spend it.

So for the purposes of strengthening families and offering folks a stronger future here in America, I urge my colleagues to support H.R. 1.