Tax Reform: A great Christmas gift for America

As the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act conference committee wraps up their work, House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) spoke to Fox News’s Neil Cavuto about our goals with the legislation and how we’re on track to get it to the President’s desk by Christmas. As the Chair says in her interview, pro-family, pro-growth tax reform is “a great Christmas present for America.”

Missed her interview? Watch it here:


“Immediately, as soon as this bill is signed into law which we’re on track our goal is to get it signed into law by Christmas that beginning early on in 2018 we will see those withholdings reduced, which means everyone will have more take home pay, higher paychecks which has been one of our goals in this legislation.


We’ve been working on this for months, actually years. There’s been work done in a bipartisan way both in the House and in the Senate — there’s been work done to lead up to the passage of tax reform. When the Republicans took the majority in the last election, along with the election of Donald Trump, this was a top priority for us heading into 2017, providing tax relief for everyone in this country. This is a package that is pro-family, pro-economic growth. We’ve seen stagnant wages; we’ve seen a stagnant economy for way too long, so I am excited about what it means for everybody — more take home pay, more jobs, bringing jobs home from overseas, and yes, we want to get this done by Christmas.


I think it is most important that Republicans get things done. When I go home and hear from the people of Eastern Washington, they want us to get results. That is what they’re after, and they elected a Republican majority and they want us to get results. It goes back to why tax reform is so important.