Rep. Luetkemeyer (R-MO) at Stakeout: Tax cuts mean money back in families’ pockets

Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-MO) joined House Republican Leadership’s press conference this morning to share what hat House Republicans, especially the Small Business Committee and the Financial Services Committee, are doing to help nation’s small business owners, workers, and their families.

“Thank you Cathy. It’s great to be with you all this morning and thanks for the opportunity to sort of share a few thoughts. You know one of the greatnesses of our country is the economic freedom that we have and the economic freedom is something that we can protect by allowing the people to keep more of their money through tax cuts and also take rules and regulations off their back.

“Now things that we’ve seen in financial services committee are that we we’re losing one community bank or credit union today because of rules and regulations. And it’s those those sorts of institutions that make loans to small businesses and small businesses drive our economy and so small businesses that help our local communities make those communities work. And the tax cuts that really have invigorated the small businesses over the last several months the tax cuts I see back home are laying the groundwork for why I think I always talk about it in terms of a train leaving the station. We laid the groundwork, we’ve got the train fired up, and now we’re getting ready to leave the station and lot of foreign countries are waiting to hook their wagon to our train as we leave this country, but this world economically. That’s all driven by small business. Small businesses produce 70 percent of all the new jobs. And it’s this tax cut that’s actually put money back in their pockets to be able to reinvest into their businesses and local communities and by doing that we’re going to grow our economy and get back on track. Give you two quick examples:

“My wife and I are redoing our basement at home, and after the tax cut she went to the local floor covering store and the lady there said hey tell Blaine thank you so much for the tax cut. It’s going to make several thousand dollars worth of difference for our businesses. Is like a three or four person business.

“Talked to the local car dealership not too long ago. February in Missouri was a horrible month weather wise and normally it’s a weak month for car dealers as well. He said he had one of the best Februarys he’s ever had because people coming in with that thousand dollar bonus check and say hey I’ve got a down payment now for my car. They’re looking at their paycheck — they’ve got a couple hundred dollars more in your paycheck to be able to make them make those payments on a new car or a different car. It’s those sort of stories that occur over and over again as you see small businesses becoming engaged again which they had not been over the last several years to be able to grow our economy and get our communities going. And I think you’ll see some more bills on the floor today that are going to be part of this package of continuing to improve the climate for small businesses to do their job, which is to get our communities going. Thank you so much.”