Rep. Lahood at Stakeout: “This tax bill plays in Peoria”

“There’s an expression ‘Does it play in Peoria?’, this tax bill plays in Peoria. More importantly, this will get the economy going and help the middle class.”

This morning, Rep. Darin LaHood (R-IL) was invited by Chair McMorris Rodgers to join the weekly House Republican Leadership press conference to share his perspective on pro-family, pro-growth tax reform and what it could mean for his district.

Here are additional excerpts from Rep. LaHood’s remarks:

“Couldn’t be happier to be here today with our leadership in support of tax reform. We head into a very important week here. When I think about the district I represent in central/west central Illinois, I think about the farmers, the small businesses, but more importantly the middle class that’s gonna benefit from comprehensive tax reform.

“What our tax reform will do is put more money into the paychecks of those people in central/west central Illinois: more money to save up for their kids’ education, more money to invest in a small business, more money to buy a new car or to save up for a mortgage to buy a home.”

“We also have to think about how this is going to get the economy roaring again. We need a healthy, robust economy and whether you’re a corporation like Caterpillar or John Deere or ADM or State Farm in my district, or you’re a Main Street business in Peoria, Illinois, or a farmer, you’re gonna benefit. This tax reform bill is gonna do that and so I commend our House Leadership and our House Republicans for bringing this forth, I wish we had more Democrats on this. If you go back and look in 1986 when this was passed the people supported it: John Kerry supported it, Al Gore supported it, Joe Biden supported it. Many of the things we are doing in this bill is exactly what we did then so this should not be a partisan issue.”