Roundup: Taking Tax Reform to the Floor, Part I

House Republicans represent communities in every corner of this country — big cities, small towns, and everything in between. But one thing that these communities all have in common is the need for pro-family, pro-growth tax reform that results in more jobs, fairer taxes, and bigger paychecks.

Today, House Rules Committee Chair Pete Sessions (R-TX) started floor debate on the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, and was joined by several House Republicans who highlighted just how powerful of an impact tax reform could have on families in their districts and on the nation’s economy.

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Here’s what members said on the floor:

Chair Pete Sessions (R-TX):

“There have been a lot of people here who have given testimony that I think they intended to sway…those listening in this country that the tax code that we have works just fine. But then they spoke about the frailties of that…they talked about jobs and economic activity going somewhere else. I, being from Dallas, Texas, hear stories every day about people who are coming to Texas…because of the economic climate that will allow them and their companies to have a better shot not only at being competitive, but as Rep. Kelly said, to be winners.

Rep. Neal Dunn (R-FL):

“This is a historic week, one that has been 31 years in the making. In a once-in-a-generation vote we will vote to cut taxes and unleash the power of the American economy. Our tax code is more than 70,000 pages of opaque rules and regulations…the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act puts American taxpayers and the American economy first. The bill cuts taxes for individuals and families in every tax bracket. By doubling the standard deduction and increasing the child tax credit, hardworking American families can keep more money in their paychecks.”

Rep. Michael Burgess, M.D. (R-TX)

“…the House of Representatives is considering tax reform for the first time since 1986. In the last 31 years, the world has changed a lot, and it’s time to bring the tax code into the 21st Century. This needed tax reform will put our country on the path to long-term economic stability and help hardworking families around the country get ahead.”

Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA):

“[The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act] demonstrates a commitment to my constituents and to all American people to provide real relief. Our current tax code contains over 70,000 pages of rules and provisions. Within these pages are hundreds of loopholes….at the very core of this legislation is a matter of fairness. By supporting this rule and passing the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, we will be making a profound reform of our tax code towards a system that is simpler, flatter, and fairer to American families across the country.”

Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL)

“Those of us in Washington are really good at talking in big, general statements that don’t mean much to the average American. So, I want to tell you what the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act will actually do for the families that I represent back in southwest Alabama. According to data from the IRS, almost ¾ of the tax filers in my district claim the standard deduction instead of itemizing. Under our plan, the standard deduction will be doubled. Just consider the media family of four in southwest Alabama. That family earns just a little over $77,000 a year. If that family takes the standard deduction, as most do, they will see a tax cut of $1,739 a year. That comes out to almost an extra $150 a month. Now, that may not sound like ‘real money’ in Washington, but for families in…Monroeville that is significant. That’s extra money for a car payment. That’s additional savings for a child’s college. That’s money to help pay for home repairs. That’s real money!”

Rep. Keith Rothfus (R-PA)

“The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act is the culmination of years of work, years of listening to the concerns of hardworking taxpayers at home…here’s the questions we need to be asking today: are you tired of the status quo? Do you think we can do better than the slowest economic recovery since the great depression? Do you want a healthier economy that creates the opportunities that offer you a real chance to get ahead, puts more money in your pocket, and helps you fulfill your American Dream? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act is for you…across my district, I hear story after story from families with nothing leftover at the end of the month who are struggling to save for retirement, pay off loans, or simply make ends meet. It doesn’t have to be this way.”

Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA)

“We’re going to cut taxes for every American at every income level. We’re going to reduce taxes by almost $1200 for every average-sized, middle-income American family. That means more money in the pockets of our families.”