Better Off Now: Republicans have made significant investments to end human trafficking

Republicans have made significant investments to combat the opioid crisis, end human trafficking, target dangerous criminals, and make schools safer. Communities are Better Off Now thanks to House Republicans’ pro-family policies.

For example, the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) became law this past April under Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO)’s steadfast leadership. FOSTA has made it easier for prosecutors to target dangerous criminals who wish to sell our girls into slavery and prostitution through the internet.

And since FOSTA became law, sex trafficking has been in decline across the country. In fact, we’ve seen a 60 percent decline in online advertising for sex trafficking.  

In a new video, the House Judiciary Committee takes a closer look at how FOSTA is making our communities Better Off Now. Check it out below–and for more on how Republican policies are helping improve people’s lives, visit

VIDEO: Putting an End to Online Sex Trafficking through FOSTA

“There are hundreds and hundreds of websites that have been selling our women and children with impunity. … We have shutdown 90% of sex trafficking websites and ads.” – Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO)

“When you have a storefront for slavery and prostitution that now in the modern age is located on the web, that is the problem.” – Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA)

“FOSTA closes the loopholes that previously made it difficult for prosecutors to bring to justice websites that facilitate human trafficking.”  – Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL)

“This legislation will now make it illegal to sell people online and give those survivors justice. … Websites that knowingly facilitate sex trafficking are no longer immune from prosecution.” – Rep. Mimi Walters (R-CA)

Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO) on the House Floor: Our communities are better off now because of FOSTA

“Mr. Speaker, in April, my bill, the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, or FOSTA, became law. FOSTA allows Federal, State, and local prosecutors to go after the online businesses that are trafficking our children. Signing FOSTA into law has decimated the online sex trade that fuels human trafficking in America. Scores of major websites that promoted sex trafficking and prostitution have shut down, and countless lives have been saved.

“Our communities are better off now because of FOSTA: fewer victims are being trafficked; buyers are no longer able to easily purchase women and children; and fewer pimps are getting their payday. The online slave trade has never been more fragile than today. After passage of FOSTA, global ad volume declined 87 percent from the daily average. Websites that dominated the illegal sex trade shut down for fear of being prosecuted. Websites like Massage Tolls, The Erotic Review, and Escorts in College are gone. Household names like Reddit, Google, PayPal, and Microsoft updated their terms of service to ensure that platforms aren’t being abused by traffickers.

“Additionally, the Department of Justice shut down, and its owners were arrested. Right now, we have this criminal enterprise on its heels. Buyers and pimps don’t know where to turn, and traffickers are getting 90 percent fewer responses than they got on Backpage and the other leading trafficking sites that shut down. The bottom line is websites are doing everything they can to avoid criminal liability, while trying to keep their criminal enterprise alive. But the loopholes that they were utilizing no longer exist. Financial institutions are also cracking down on accounts used by trafficking.

“CC Bill, the payment processor of these porn and trafficking hubs stopped processing credit cards for websites that facilitate prostitution. CC Bill was the domestic credit card processor of last resort, and websites are now struggling to find a viable alternative. Together, we are putting the online slave trade out of business. As trafficking becomes less profitable, fewer victims will ever be sold and raped.

“FOSTA is striking fear in the hearts of America’s pimps and online predators. Law enforcement is seeing real results, and that is why FOSTA is being called the most significant anti-trafficking law in nearly 20 years. Experts have repeatedly said that sex trafficking will flourish until market force of risk is increased and we create a real criminal deterrent. FOSTA establishes that deterrent, and as a result, fewer businesses will ever, ever enter the sex trade. Sex advertising is at a new low for this decade.

“And this Congress has demonstrated that we can and will hold accountable the businesses that profit from the sale of our most vulnerable. It is because of the massive bipartisan majorities of both the House and the Senate that FOSTA is law today. The results we are seeing in our communities are proof that Congress can, and does, work together to achieve real results for the American people. Lives have been saved, fewer children and women are being sold into slavery, and trafficking and prostitution websites are being shut down. We are delivering real results for real people and our country is better off now because of it.”