Senator Jones, Join Your Alabama House Colleagues and Stop the #SchumerShutdown

Senator Doug Jones of Alabama is new here and says he’s ‘undecided’ about whether or not to shut down the government. His colleagues in the House fulfilled their responsibility and voted in favor of funding the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for children in Alabama, supporting the troops, and keeping the government open.  

Maybe he doesn’t realize how devastating a shutdown would be for our country. So, Senator, here are the facts:

A #SchumerShutdown means that CHIP funding runs out in the state of Alabama. Thousands of children from low- and middle-income families — and millions across the country — won’t have health care coverage.

A #SchumerShutdown means our military won’t have the funding and resources they need to do their jobs, putting their lives and our country at risk.

And that’s only the tip of the government chaos iceberg if we fail to meet our midnight funding deadline. Want to know what else happens when there’s a #SchumerShutdown? Visit

Is this really how you want to start out your first term, Senator?

Your delegation in the House certainly doesn’t think so:

Alabama Members of Congress to Senate Democrats: Pass Funding, CHIP Bill

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Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL):

“Many of the families that I represent in Alabama depend on CHIP funding to make sure that their children have access to health care. We were talking before we came in about when I was a young lawyer practicing. I had a single parent in my office who was going through some rough times in her life who desperately needed to make sure that her children had access to health care. I remember that conversation often as this debate has taken shape in Congress.

“I know that there are many many others all across this country who would suffer tremendously if CHIP funding were to expire. I’ve also been hearing directly from our governor in this great state of Alabama and many state representatives who are working diligently to craft a budget on the state level and they are depending on Congress to get this done.

“That’s why it is incredibly disheartening that some Democrats are play party politics with Children’s health insurance. This of all times is not the time to play games. It’s my sincere hope that this will stop now and that our colleagues on the other side of the aisle will join us in working to give health insurance certainty to families in Alabama and all across this country. Now is not the time for party politics. Now is the time for action.”