A #SchumerShutdown is on you, Senators Kaine and Warner

House Republicans from Virginia voted to keep the government open and ensure Virginia’s most vulnerable kids have access to their  Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Funding for CHIP in Virginia runs out very soon, so it’s baffling that Senate Democrats from Virginia, Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, are so eager to vote to shut down the government and deny thousands of low- and middle-income children in their state access to health care.

If we have a #SchumerShutdown and these children suffer, their fingerprints will be allll over it.

Visit SchumerShutdown.com for more information, and check out what Virginians in the House are saying about the Senate Democrats’ stance on this:

Virginia Lawmakers Urge Senate Not to Leave CHIP Recipients in the Lurch

Reps. Scott Taylor, Thomas A. Garrett, Jr., Bob Goodlatte, Dave Brat, H. Morgan Griffith, and Barbara Comstock issued the following statement:

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Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA):

“Thank you. I appreciate the opportunity to also address the CHIP legislation. This is something we have always had bipartisan agreement on. We’ve had violent agreement on this. This is something year after year we come together and we support.

“My governor last month, Governor McAuliffe before he left, he’s Governor of Virginia, his staff was calling my office saying they wanted a five-year reauthorization, so we not only said yes to that, we added an extra year, so we have a six year reauthorization here.

“So I really would stress how important it is for all of my colleagues to take yes for an answer. When we have issues that we strongly agree on and that there isn’t any contention on, let’s not try and create arguments where they don’t exist.”