Roundup: Live from Media Row, it’s House GOP!

The Rules Committee is currently working on the American Health Care Act, the first phase in our three-phase process to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a 21st Century health care system that puts the American people — not the federal government — in charge of their health care. The bill, which has growing support, is expected to come to the floor for a vote tomorrow.

In anticipation of this historic week, House Republicans continue to promote our plan on TV and social media, including via our #PassTheBill Media Row.

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Here are today’s highlights:

Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) on Bloomberg (Live from House GOP’s Media Row!)

“[The American Health Care Act] moves us significantly in the right direction…When you’re bringing a large group together, you’re not going to have a ‘perfect bill’ from the perspective of any single individual or even group of individuals. You’re going to have the most acceptable bill that can be passed. …in the broad scheme of things, this is a major advancement in policy. It will give Americans the beginnings of a highly competitive market where they will have the widest choice of plans at the lowest possible cost.”

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) on CSPAN Washington Journal

“This piece of legislation is a far cry from the repeal of a Obamacare that I had dreamed of voting for as a conservative candidate last year, but when I measure the American Health Care Act versus Obamacare, I’ve determined that it is substantially better than what we have with Obamacare, which is literally collapsing on itself with rising premiums that are impacting Americans and crippling the economy all over the country.”

Reps. Tim Walberg (R-MI) and Sam Johnson (R-TX) in The Wall Street Journal

“Under ObamaCare’s costly regulations, many business owners must make hard choices between cutting back employees’ hours, laying off staff, or dropping health-care coverage (and then paying a penalty for doing so if the firm has more than 50 workers). Among businesses with fewer than 10 employees, 35.6% offered health insurance in 2008. That figure had fallen by 2015 to 22.7%, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute.”

Click here to read their full op-ed on the the Small Business Fairness Act, which kicks off phase three of our repeal/replace process — post-repeal legislation to lower costs and increase access to health care.

Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-OH) in The Hill

“Americans deserve a healthcare system that isn’t driven by Washington mandates. They deserve more choices, more freedom and better access to the care they need. That is why Republicans are moving forward with our plan for reform that starts with repealing ObamaCare in the American Health Care Act. Unlike the Democrats who empowered Washington, we are focused on putting power back in people’s hands— and it is time that we deliver.”

Click here to read his full op-ed.

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