McMorris Rodgers on Fox New Radio: This is Republicans keeping our promise

Hours after rolling out House Republicans’ #BetterOffNow agenda, House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson to discuss how the American people are Better Off Now under Republican policies.  

Two years ago, we unveiled our Better Way agenda to address the major challenges facing our country. As a result, America is stronger at home and abroad, with a booming economy, safer communities, and a stronger military. More work remains, but this economy is soaring, and Republican policies are helping improve people’s lives and making it easier for families to get ahead, with a renewed sense of confidence for the future.

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“Better Off Now is building upon the Better Way agenda that we had rolled out two years ago. This is the Republicans keeping our promise to the American people and the question that people are asking is, ‘Am I better off now?’ and when you look at these numbers it’s really impressive.

“We’ve seen more than a million jobs now created since the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act was signed into law. Unemployment last month was at 4 percent. This is the lowest level in decades. Black unemployment is lowest on record. 95 percent of manufacturers are optimistic about the future, and as you pointed to, 54 percent of Americans say that the economy is good or excellent — it’s the highest levels that have ever been recorded in those surveys.

“This is restoring hope and optimism after years of Americans having to suffer through a sluggish economy, stagnant wages….now the economy is booming. We want to highlight this. This was a huge priority for us, all built upon A Better Way. Two years later, now, we see these amazing numbers. What it means, though, for people — for individuals, for families in this country — is that they are hopeful. They can add onto their house. They can go find a better-paying job. We have more job openings now in America than people on unemployment. This is the direction and the hope that we wanted for this country.”

“…the Democrats got it wrong on tax reform, Nancy Pelosi said, ‘It would be Armageddon. It was pathetic. This going to be crumbs.’ Now they’re saying they’ll do away with the tax cuts. That would be individuals would have their taxes go up on average $2,000. Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, has not fulfilled the promises that were made.”