For the Sake of All That is Good and Ohio, Repeal Obamacare

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This website and its disaster of a rollout were the crown jewel of government ineptitude and a sign of the Obamacare death spiral that was to come.

For years, we’ve seen people losing their coverage, insurance companies dropping out of exchanges, and families left with few if any choices for their health care.

The latest: Anthem is withdrawing from Ohio’s Obamacare exchange, leaving Ohioans in up to 18 counties with ZERO coverage options next year.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, and it’s going to have a devastating impact on tens of thousands of Ohioans. President Trump visited the Buckeye State just this week and met with some of the many victims of Obamacare. While there, he reiterated concerns shared by House Republicans:

“Obamacare is in a death spiral, and the problems will only get worse if Congress fails to act.”

There are plenty of reasons why standing by and doing nothing is NOT an option. To help us break this down, Ohio Reps. Warren Davidson, Bill Johnson, Pat Tiberi, and Bob Gibbs shared with us just how important repealing and replacing Obamacare is for their state.

So here’s an in-depth look at what House Republicans are doing to rescue Americans from this failing health care law:


Obamacare is a major failure. There’s no getting around that.

Americans were expecting patient protections and affordable care. What they got was a growing list of broken promises.

We were told that prices would go down — that Obamacare would save American families $2500 a year.

In Ohio alone, premiums went up 86 percent since 2013 on the federal health exchange. Nationally? 105 percent!!!!! And with deductibles on the rise, even if they have *coverage* under Obamacare, many families still can’t afford to see their doctors.

What’s the point of having health insurance if it’s too expensive to even use?

We were told that we’d have abundant choices — we could pick the plans that worked for us.

Anthem’s recent exit has made it pretty clear that is NOT the case for Ohio.

That’s no choice at all!

We were told that if we liked our plan and our doctors, we could keep them.

For millions of people in Ohio and across the country, that was NOT the case.

Obamacare was the federal government’s attempt to “fix” our nation’s health care system, and it failed.


Obamacare is failing because it’s bad policy that goes against what the American people need and want.

Obamacare was failing in 2014, when millions of people lost their health care plans that they liked and wanted to keep because they didn’t match what the government said they had to have. The promise that “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan” became Politifact’s “Lie of the Year.”

Obamacare was failing in 2015, when the poorly designed co-ops were closing up shop at a rate of 50 percent. Ohio’s co-op collapsed the following year. As Rep. Gibbs points out, Democrats created a system that would only work if taxpayers were forced to bail out insurance companies.

Obamacare was failing in 2016, when it was announced that Ohio’s premiums were going up 17 percent. Believe it or not, some states had it even worse — Arizona’s premiums were going to go up 116 percent!

And we know what’s happening now. Insurance providers are leaving the exchanges en masse — a problem that began long before Anthem’s announcement, long before the American Health Care Act, and long before President Trump was sworn in.

This is not on the Republicans. This is:

RIP Fox News’s Red Eye 🙁

When you design a law to match how you WANT people to act instead of how they WILL act, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Since before Obamacare was even voted on, House Republicans have been adamantly opposed to this government takeover of health care. We knew then what we know now — it’s an unfair, unworkable model for health care. There’s a better way.


House Republicans know that what families and individuals need most are options and flexibility. The more options and flexibility, the lower the cost for the average person. That was one of the key planks of our Better Way agenda, and now our American Health Care Act.

Here’s why our bill is better than Obamacare:

Under Obamacare, medical devices are taxed as excise, which means they’re taxed the same way we tax cigarettes and alcohol — a move meant to deter use. How does that even make sense? It doesn’t, so the AHCA dismantles this and several other taxes that have hurt patients, providers, and job creators.

Under Obamacare, if you don’t buy an insurance policy you can’t afford and don’t need, you will be punished with a fine come tax day. The AHCA provides incentives for people to get covered.

Under Obamacare, able-bodied adults were being added to Medicaid, which stretched the program thin and made it more difficult for the people that NEED it to use it. Our bill modernizes Medicaid so that it’s better equipped to serve the elderly, the disabled, and the children who need it most — and more financially stable.

Our plan empowers individuals and families to spend their money the way they want by enhancing and expanding Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and helping Americans access care with a monthly tax credit for low and middle income households.

On top of this, we continue to allow young adults to stay on their parents’ insurance through age 26, we guarantee coverage to Americans with pre-existing conditions, ban health insurers from charging more as long as patients maintain continuous coverage, and we provide states $138 billion to design programs that meet the unique needs of their populations.

This all seems like common sense, right?

Well, if you listened to the media or some of our colleagues on the Left, you’d think that we were *literally* killing people by supporting these ideas.

It’s a shame. Democrats and Republicans share the same goal — we all want people to live happy, healthy lives and have access to the health care they need at a price they can afford. We just disagree on HOW that happens. Our plan will be better in the long-term for people in Ohio and across this country, and will offer relief from the burden of Obamacare.


Just a few weeks ago, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) confirmed that the AHCA will lower premiums and reduce the deficit.

As the Senate discusses our bill, we’re focusing our efforts on other ways to reduce costs and increase access to care. The AHCA was phase one in a three phase process:

  • Phase One: AHCA
  • Phase Two: HHS Secretary Tom Price, M.D. will use his authority to cut red tape
  • Phase Three: Additional bills in the House to increase access and lower costs

We’ve already proven that this process is working.

A few weeks ago we started our work on Phase Three, passing bills that create more competition in insurance and offer more flexibility for small business employees and employers. One of these bills, the Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act, passed with more than 400 votes of support. That’s right — Democrats were on board.

Going forward, we’ll build on this success with bills that address insurance coverage transitions and tax credits. In fact, next week, we’ll take up Rep. Tiberi’s bill, the Broader Options for Americans Act.

We promised the American people that we would repeal Obamacare and replace it with a 21st Century health care system that puts patients — not bureaucrats — at the center of health care. We will continue our work until we build a better health care future for every person in this country.

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