Rep. Woodall at Stakeout: Certainty matters

Rep. Rob Woodall (R-GA), a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, joined this morning’s House Republican Leadership press conference to highlight the bipartisan work that he and his committee did on the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA). Rebuilding and developing our nation’s infrastructure is one of the many ways House Republicans are focused on the American people’s priorities.

Here’s what you may have missed:

“For folks that don’t know, Georgia has the fastest-growing container port in the nation. If you eat chicken, for example, anywhere on the globe, about 38 percent of all of America’s chicken exports go out of the Port of Savannah…I get to serve on the incredibly bipartisan Transportation Committee. If you weren’t paying attention, we moved [WRDA] out of the House Transportation Committee in a completely unanimous vote because these issues matter to absolutely every constituency.

“The state of Georgia, for example, 11 percent of all sales are goods that have moved through our ports. 8 percent of our economy is due to our ports. 9 percent of our employment is due to our ports. 80 percent of the water that is consumed in metro Atlanta comes out of these basins controlled by the Corps of Engineers and directed here in the WRDA bill.

“If I could leave you with one bit of good news that I hope gets celebrated over and over and over again, certainty matters in a growing economy. Certainty matters for folks that are trying to invest in communities. You remember seven years when the House was unable to pass a WRDA bill, unable to get into a cycle of certainty. This is now our third Congress that we have passed a WRDA bill. We feel that in the stakeholders. We feel that in constituencies across the nation — that they have a new confidence in Congress that when those challenges come, whether it be drinking water, whether it be ecosystem restoration, whether it be port maintenance and expansion — that Congress is going to respond. And that’s a dramatic change.”