Rep. Mike Johnson at Stakeout: Tax reform six months later

This morning, Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) joined the House Republican Leadership press conference to tell the story of how the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act is promoting growth for small businesses in his community. It’s now been six months since our pro-family, pro-growth tax reform legislation became the law of the land, and the American people are seeing more jobs, fairer taxes, and bigger paychecks — just as we promised. House Republicans are determined to continue their work supporting small businesses, workers, and families around the country.

“This is a new era Mr. Chairman, and the pro-growth policies that have been put in place by this Congress and the Republicans that have led it have helped support local businesses across the nation. We certainly are feeling that everywhere, specifically the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has helped to lift the excessive burdens on business and promote job growth by providing more economic opportunity for more people and that leads to economic mobility so that people can move up the ladder. That is part of the American Dream.

“I’ve got a prime example for you of the bills success in my district. I’m going to tell you about the Canal Coffee shops. It is owned and operated by Bossier City, Louisiana native Roderick James. Starting in 2016, Mr. James and his partner Priscilla Mayfield opened their anchor store in downton Kinder, Louisiana. Remarkably he built his business from the ground up and never took a loan. He went out and was a risk taker and entrepreneur. And it worked. He expanded his business to include shops in Oberlin, Louisiana and Shreveport which is our largest metro area in the district.

“Now with the implementation of our tax reform and our pro-growth, pro-businesses policies, Mr. James tells me he plans to open a fourth and fifth location in the very near future. This is a great success story. This is the kind of thing we are seeing all around the country. Our nation is full of small business owners like Roderick. They work long hours, they put in the hard work, they give their all to achieve their own version of the American Dream and it is working again.

“This Congress has delivered a fairer and simpler tax code. That has allowed small business owners just like Roderick to keep more of their hard earned dollars and reinvest those in their employees, in their business, and in their communities.

“I completed my 28th town hall just last week. I can tell you that everyone from all walks of life and all across the country are feeling this. They’re feeling and tasting success and they want us to do more of it. We’re proud and honored to be a part of that. Thank you.”