“we hear you, we’re with you, and we’re ready to get this done.”

House Homeland Security Committee Chair Michael McCaul (R-TX) and Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA) of the Appropriations Committee joined the Republican Conference’s Leadership Stakeout this morning. This week, the House votes on several bills to improve homeland security and we complete our work on all 12 appropriations bills.

Excerpts from Chair McCaul’s remarks:

“Two days ago, I stood at Ground Zero on hallowed ground where the names of nearly 3,000 innocent people who were killed by the terrorists on 9/11 were read out loud. For many of us here, it’s living history. But to a younger generation of Americans it’s textbook history. I think it’s important that we never forget and we always remember what happened on that fateful day.”

“There’s no more solemn obligation, in my judgement, than to protect Americans. And that is why the Department of Homeland Security was created, and my committee was created as well. And to that end the House will pass 10 of my committee’s bipartisan bills this week to further the department’s mission of protecting Americans by connecting the dots and providing greater intelligence sharing.”

“This week we will also pass a Make America Secure and Prosperous Appropriations Act which will provide more funding for our homeland security operations. I would also like to recognize, as a Texan and an American, the relief efforts of our first responders in hurricanes Harvey and Irma…I’d also like to recognize the volunteers, the churches, the shelters that I went to who provide compassion in a time of need and out of these tragedies will come great acts of heroism and kindness so today our thoughts and prayers are with these victims and their families.”

Excerpts from Rep. Graves’s remarks:

“I want to thank President Trump for his swift response and Governor Deal and his leadership team for how they have helped all Georgians through this time. Georgia now stands united with Texans and Floridians and all the southeast as we begin a great rebuilding effort. We have a lot of flooding, a lot of damage, and a lot of downed trees and a lot to clean up in the weeks and months ahead. But our heart aches with the many families who have lost loved ones during this difficult time.”

“I do want to highlight a couple of extraordinary responses that have happened in Georgia. We’ve had an amazing team of Georgians who get together and support one another — neighbors supporting neighbors and helping through this time. After the storm has passed, the Georgia Department of Transportation initially reported over 1,100 different road closures and just within 18-24 hours had gotten that down to just 100. In the worst point, 1.5 million Georgians were without power and at this point they have cut that in more than half…and that is because of the great work of the line crews and the crews that are out throughout the days and the nights over the last several hours, so I want to thank them for that. So all that’s to say Georgia is strong, the pickup trucks are out, the chainsaws are being fired up, and we’re ready to take part in this great American recovery effort.”

“I’ve also been asked to talk about the Make America Secure and Prosperous Act that we intend to finish this week. I have to give credit to the members standing up here today. These leaders decided to go big and that’s what we’re doing. They had faith in [Appropriations Committee] Chairman Frelinghuysen and the committee members to get the job done… And this bill is true to its name — and it’s true to our principles. We make America safe by funding our military and securing our borders. We’ll make Americans prosperous by restoring our financial freedom so all Americans can earn a living and achieve their dreams. And I’ll say something very obvious here: Americans entrusted our party…with the White House and majorities in both chambers of Congress. So if you take a look at this package, these were the policies we were elected to pass. This is the U.S. House saying we hear you, we’re with you, and we’re ready to get this done.”