Our framework is about opportunity

Today, House Republicans are out with the Unified Framework for Fixing our Broken Tax Code on www.fairandsimple.gop. Before leading a retreat with her colleagues to go over the full details of the framework, House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) sat down with Maria Bartiromo for Mornings with Maria on Fox Business.

On What to Expect from Today

“The 242 Republicans serving in the House [are] going over to the National Defense University to spend some time, going through, getting the details of this tax plan from Kevin Brady, the Chairman of Ways and Means as well as Peter Roskam, they’ll be walking us through all these details as we are releasing them to the country also. The Ways and Means Committee has been spending hours, days working through this in preparation for the release, but now we want the members to be able to ask all of those detailed questions. Because it’s been ‘The Big 6’ negotiating it, and they came to an agreement just on Monday, so now it is time for the members to be brought up to speed. And we will be releasing all of that to America at fairandsimple.gop as soon as it becomes public. That’s the platform, fairandsimple.gop, where people can get all of the details. We’re going to put as much as we possibly can there so people are informed and then can help spread the great news!”

Why Tax Reform is Different, But Health Care Reform is Never “Over”

“Yes, we learned some painful lessons in that whole health care rollout and we’re elected here to do big things, I’m here to enact major reforms that are going to improve people’s lives. And as you think about tax reform, bringing down tax rates — that’s the best thing we can do to get our economy growing, to get people more opportunities, more jobs, more take-home pay.

“..we need action [on health care]…it is too important, it’s never over…The House has always said we would do tax reform in the fall. Now, Congress, we can do more than one thing at a time. And the Senate continues to work on health care, they must continue to work on health care. But we’re going all in on tax reform right now, bringing down those tax rates, improving take-home pay so people will have more opportunities in their lives. The House, the Senate, and the White House have this outline that we put together.”

Our Framework is about Opportunity – A Job is So Fundamental

“This is not a tax cut for the rich, this is about reform, this is about bringing down tax rates, simplifying the tax code. You know this hasn’t been done since 1986, it’s time. And I think people recognize our economy has been stagnant. We’ve had the lowest workforce participation rates since 1979, we have less people working now, we have people falling out of the workforce. And a job is so fundamental, a job is what gives you opportunity. And so I would just encourage people, don’t get caught up in that tired narrative, that’s the only thing they can say. Look at the details, look at how it’s going to impact your lives, your opportunity to get a job, to get more take-home, so you can save for college, save for retirement. We want to empower people in this country.”

We Were Elected to do the Big Things

“We were elected here to do the big things, and that’s why I ran for office, and there is a sense of urgency. We recognize that we have not gotten enough to the President’s desk. The House, I’m very proud of our work in the House, we’ve been working hard, and we need to get this done absolutely, and we need to get our economy growing. We need to get people the jobs and the opportunities that everyone should have.”