House GOP Chair McMorris Rodgers Opening Remarks at Member Retreat

House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) opened this year’s Congressional Institute Joint House and Senate Conference with the following remarks prepared for delivery: 

First and foremost, our thoughts continue to be with the victims of yesterday’s accident, with those recovering, and with the individual who tragically lost his life.

It is a reminder that life is a precious and fragile gift.

All of us are praying for them, for their families, and for all the law enforcement, first responders, and our own colleagues who were equipped to respond quickly at the scene.

May we all find strength in God’s grace as we reflect on this heartbreaking accident.

As we heard from President Trump on Tuesday, we have been focused on solutions to get our economy going again.

Because of tax reform, 90 percent of our workers will see their paychecks increase very soon on top of the bonuses their employers may have already given them.

An extra $1,000 may be ‘crumbs’ to some but just imagine what this means for the families who stress at their kitchen table when the bills are due as they try to figure out how to stretch that last dollar.

More money in their pocket every single month means relief. It means certainty.

And it means the hardworking men and women of this country, who have waited far too long for wages to go up, have reasons to dream again.

They are the faces of tax reform.

With more jobs coming back home, too, people are more optimistic and excited about their chances of finding better opportunities to succeed. That includes people with disabilities with the expansion of ABLE accounts in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Of course, we have more work to do to ensure ALL Americans and their families thrive in a more vibrant economy, and that is why we are here this week.

The administration and Republicans in the House and Senate are coming together to discuss our priorities for 2018.

From bolstering our national defense to rebuilding our infrastructure and bringing more people off the sidelines and into the workforce, we are encouraging all our members to bring forward policy ideas to collaborate and find common ground and to unite for a safe, strong, proud America.

Remember, it was at this conference in 2016 that we laid the foundation for tax reform. It shows that when we come together, we can get things done for those we serve.

In addition to thanking my counterpart and friend, Senate Conference Chair John Thune, I would like to also thank the Congressional Institute and Mark Strand for hosting us and organizing this conference.

We are also grateful for the President, the Vice President and all the members of the administration who are here, too.

One year ago, we promised the American people results with solutions that change the status quo — and that is exactly what we will continue to deliver.