On Fox News: Chair McMorris Rodgers talks economy, Kavanaugh, and UNGA

Following President Trump’s remarks at the United Nations General Assembly, House Republican Conference Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) joined Sandra Smith on Fox News’s America’s Newsroom to highlight the ways Americans are Better Off Now under this Republican majority. Our economy is booming, our military is stronger, and our communities are safer — for more on that, visit Better.gop.


“America has done more to lift people out of poverty. Our economy is booming, and it does have an impact on countries around the world in a very positive way.”


Sandra Smith: Thank you for your time this morning. You’ve been listening to the president. What did you think of his message?

Chair McMorris Rodgers: “I thought the president gave a strong message, strong leadership on behalf of the United States of America, but also a challenge to the rest of the world really celebrating sovereignty, independence, freedom-loving people.

“I appreciated his focus on making sure the United Nations is accountable, is effective in its mission. I really thought it was a very good speech. I appreciate his leadership, as well as Ambassador Nikki Haley’s leadership at the UN on behalf of the United States.”

Sandra Smith: “How do you think the world will respond, Congresswoman, to that ‘America first’ message that resonated throughout the speech — we’re standing up for America, for the American people, the president said. The U.S. is a safer, stronger, and richer country than it was when I assumed office. In fact he opened with: ‘my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.’”

Chair McMorris Rodgers: “I also heard the president talk about the importance of…self-determination for every country around the world. I thought the president really lays out the importance of how we’re all connected as countries…I’ve often said in order for us to be a diplomatic power, we need to be a military power. To be a military power, you have to be an economic power. It’s all connected. Clearly America is a strong leader in this world.”


Sandra Smith: “Before the president entered the room, he hit a couple of the big news items heading in to deliver this speech. In fact, he commented on meeting with Rod Rosenstein on Thursday. A lot of other things on the president’s plate this week. Obviously, the Kavanaugh hearing will take place on Thursday with his accuser. Congresswoman, this is quite a week for this country, as we see the president just now delivering up this message at the UN.”

Chair McMorris Rodgers: “This is a big week. I am pleased that we’re moving ahead with this hearing in the Senate to make sure that Dr. Ford has a chance to be heard. Women must be heard. I also believe that it’s important for Judge Kavanaugh to have a chance to defend his character. These are serious allegations, and this hearing on Thursday is going to be very important. We have an important decision to make — it’s over in the Senate, not in the House — but they have a very important decision to make as to who is going to be the next Justice on the Supreme Court.”

“The FBI and Rod Rosenstein have not been cooperating with Congress. They have not been forthright as far as turning over documents This is another very important meeting.”