No, Republicans aren’t struggling to sell tax reform

Earlier today, House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) joined Squawk Box on CNBC and The Larry O’Connor Show to highlight the growing success of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act and the positive impact it’s had on our economy.

Republicans promised more jobs, fairer taxes, and bigger paychecks for Americans of all walks of life, and we delivered. Four million (and counting!) receiving more than $3 billion in bonuses, and 90 percent of Americans will have a bigger paycheck this month. And this is just the beginning.

The real question we should be asking is why did every single Democrat vote against pay increases, more jobs, and tax cuts for families across America?

For more on tax reform, visit And here’s what you may have missed from the Chair’s interview:


On CNBC: “I’m very encouraged by the impact of tax reform already. Some said it was going to be Armageddon, but it’s clearly been a positive. The reports from individuals right now, this month, that are seeing their paychecks increase with more take-home pay; the long list of companies that have been adding those bonuses and announcing more, better leave policies and higher wages — that’s a positive, and we needed that for our economy.

“Our hope is that this is just the beginning, that it continues. I’ve talked to a number of businesses, small and large, who are still making their plans. But [tax reform] gives them more confidence, that confidence that we needed and the economy needed so that there would be a longer-term economic growth for America and more opportunities. This is about really getting at the forgotten men and women of this country, who want a better life.”

On The Larry O’Connor Show: “I encourage people to visit We’ve had this up and going for several months. I lead the communications arm of the leadership team. Our goal is to connect with every American. We want real Americans across this country to have a place where they can go and get the facts.”


On CNBC: “Our tax code was very large, it was very complicated. Our goal going into tax reform was that we would simplify the tax code, we would close many loopholes, we would really ensure that lower- and middle-income Americans were benefiting and seeing those larger paychecks. Now, there are going to be issues that arise, and there have been areas of concern in the tax reform package that need to be addressed. So we’re going to keep our eyes on it.

“No bill is ever perfect, but we continue to look at this and this will just be the beginning of ensuring that we have a tax code that is really focused on people, a tax code that is fair, that is simple, that is not a burden whether you’re an individual or a business in this country. We want people to be pursuing their dreams, and that was our goal with this bill.”


On CNBC: “Fiscal discipline is fundamental. We have a responsibility, as the elected representatives of the people…to exercise the power of the purse, to set the priorities. The President just sent up his budget proposal. We’re going to be taking a look at that, and we must really ask the tough questions and make sure these programs are efficient and effective and doing their jobs. Maybe some of them need to be eliminated. That’s an important aspect of this.

“But I will also say that we need to get our economy growing. And that’s where tax reform comes was so important. We needed to rebuild our military. These are all fundamental issues that need to be addressed: getting our economy growing, the rebuilding of our military, but also the fiscal discipline is absolutely on that list. We’re going to be voting on the Balanced Budget Amendment, for example, which would force Congress to start living within its means, setting priorities, and we need those kinds of proposals. We need something that will force Congress to make those tough decisions.”


On CNBC: “It’s heartbreaking. To happen on Valentine’s Day, on Ash Wednesday, I just can’t imagine what these families are going through. We see these high school shootings, we see high school suicides and as a mom I am asking myself what is going on? And I keep hearing that the kids have a tough time coping, they’re stressed, they have a lot of anxiety. I do think we need to be having a conversation around what is going on in our society that is putting young people in this position and in a place where they’re taking this kind of action. It is so heartbreaking and we need to be willing to have those courageous conversations.”

On The Larry O’Connor Show: “I’m a mom of three young kids…I feel I am compelled to do more to bring people together to have a conversation around this. It’s going to take some courageous conversations around what is going on in our society and what we can be doing to make sure that our kids feel like there is more hope and more support.”