New year, same focus

For 2018, our resolution is to continue delivering on the American people’s priorities. We’re off to a good start: our pro-family, pro-growth tax reform bill is now the law of the land, and families and workers across America are about to see tax relief in their paychecks. Happy New Year, indeed!

Our excitement about this long-overdue reform didn’t end once the ink dried. Check out what House Republicans had to say about tax reform over the holidays:

Rep. Mimi Walters (R-CA) in the OC Register: Tax relief for the holidays

After witnessing the fiscal recklessness of the Democrat supermajority in Sacramento, I ran for the U.S. House of Representatives to ensure the federal government doesn’t similarly abuse hard-working taxpayers.  I previously expressed reservations about this bill, but after successfully negotiating the best deal for Orange County residents, I voted in favor of tax reform legislation that lowers federal tax rates for everyone, protects popular deductions, and puts America back on track to prosperity through economic growth.

The status quo was unacceptable.  For too long, our tax code was broken – full of special interest loopholes and a tax structure that encouraged companies to ship jobs overseas.  The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act ends those perverse incentives and establishes rules that benefit American workers and businesses.  This bill is the product of many years of hearings, debate, and discussion, and embodies the pro-growth tax reform principles that Republicans, including myself, have always supported.

These reforms provide relief for middle-class Americans.  Rates are decreased across the board, and the standard deduction is nearly doubled, meaning that under the new tax code, the first $12,000 of income for individual filers and first $24,000 of income for joint filers, is tax-free.  This means Americans keep more of their paychecks.  It’s the people’s money, not the government’s.

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Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler in The Columbian: Tax bill will help all in S.W. Washington

There were many fighting to maintain the status quo, some attacking this initiative before there was even a bill. Some are more interested in scoring political points than in actual solutions. Others profit from the complex maze of our current, outdated tax code. Whatever the underlying motivation, falsehoods about this bill are swirling. You deserve the truth.

One of the most irresponsible claims is that this bill will cut Social Security or Medicare. These types of attacks seek to create fear among some of our most vulnerable citizens — our seniors. Here are the facts: nothing in this bill touches Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.

Congress won’t cut those programs to finance tax cuts. Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell issued a formal statement on Dec. 1 opposing any such cuts and mapping out a strategy to protect Social Security and Medicare. I believe Congress should protect and strengthen these trust funds that people pay into their entire working lives, and would oppose any attempt to weaken them.

Families shouldn’t have to live paycheck to paycheck because true economic recovery never arrived. A decade is too long to have stagnant wages and people stuck in low-paying or part-time jobs when they want to move upward and earn more.

Critics of this tax-cut plan seem to believe that our present “recovery” is good enough, but I don’t accept that. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will help residents of Southwest Washington earn more money and live with the economic security they deserve.

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Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI) in The Daily Telegram: Tax cuts and bigger paychecks ahead for the New Year

Here’s some good news for the New Year: Tax cuts and bigger paychecks are on the way.

Congress recently sent the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the most sweeping overhaul of our tax code since the 1980s, to President Trump’s desk. The historic law provides a meaningful tax cut to individuals and families at every income level and creates faster economic growth. Under the plan, the typical middle-income family of four will receive a tax cut of more than $2,000. That’s real relief for families in Michigan who are living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to pay their monthly bills.

…During the tax reform debate, defenders of our broken tax code trotted out every recycled talking point in the book. They used scare tactics and spread misinformation to protect the status quo that has held our people and economy back for too long. The truth is they believe Washington knows how to spend your money better than you do. I disagree: You worked hard and deserve to keep more of what you earn, and that’s what our plan delivers.

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