New Month, New Wins from Tax Reform

In the three months after the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act was signed into law, tax reform has benefitted millions of Americans across the country. 4 million workers (and counting) are receiving more than $4 billion in bonuses, and 90 percent are seeing bigger paychecks. Just a few days ago, McDonald’s became the latest of the 400+ companies offering bigger paychecks, bonuses, and benefits to their employees thanks to Republicans’ work on pro-growth, pro-family tax reform. For more on that, and a map of companies, visit

To hear from workers, families, and small business owners about what tax reform means to them, House Republicans have been on the ground at home. Check out what they’ve been hearing:

Rep. Martha McSally in the Arizona Daily Star: Tax cuts are helping women keep more of what they earn

Women’s History Month is an opportunity to recognize the significant contributions women have made to society in the past, present and future. This month, women have another reason to celebrate: the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is making our economy stronger, and that’s helping women across America. By slashing tax rates, increasing the standard deduction, doubling the child tax credit and simplifying the tax code, our tax plan is benefiting women, from the hourly employee to the entrepreneur; whether single or married with children.

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