Nevada Resilience

At this morning’s House Republican Leadership Stakeout press conference, Rep. Mark Amodei (R-NV) was asked by Chair McMorris Rodgers to share his perspective on the deadly attack in Las Vegas late Sunday.

Here are excerpts from Rep. Amodei’s remarks:

“I just wanted to share a couple of thoughts with you. First of all, a shout out to Sheriff Joe Lombardo and his folks at the Metro Police Department — professional response, calm response, effective response. Those Homeland Security grants that my colleagues here have been nice enough to provide to Las Vegas — one of America’s at-risk cities — have been put to good use and I thank them all for their support.”

“Second of all…Las Vegas is the world’s fun place. What happened a couple days ago definitely doesn’t fit that description. When you talk about the Nevada resilience and the outpouring of support not only from around the state of Nevada but also the country and the nation, it’s a pretty humbling thing. It’s a pretty humbling time for everybody to try to sort out what’s going on.”

“I think right now it’s just that you know that humility thoughts and prayers for those folks that are affected, both those that are here and those that are gone, and thank you all for your support on behalf of the Silver State. Nevada resilience.”