McMorris Rodgers Online for Girlboss: “We can’t make change if we don’t show up”

That’s House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA)’s advice for women. In a new op-ed for Girlboss, a blog about empowering millennial women, Chair McMorris Rodgers touches on her experience as the 200th woman to serve in the House, and encourages other women to step up and lead.

For Chair McMorris Rodgers, encouraging women to lead isn’t about numbers — it’s about making sure all perspectives are at the table shaping policy for the better. It’s about helping every person in this country, no matter their background or walk of life, have the opportunity to pursue their version of the American Dream. In her op-ed, she highlights Republicans’ work on the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act as a major victory in this regard. Check it out:

“…make sure all policies are written with women in mind. Speak up. … Take tax reform, for example. When we got to work on overhauling our tax code, I wanted to make sure it reflected the needs of the modern workforce, where women are making history in a myriad of ways—like opening their own businesses at record rates, for example. That’s why I’m always thinking about how we can give women more choices, freedom, and flexibility to juggle the demands of their careers and families. For working moms like me, that is especially important.  

“With that in mind, we doubled the Child Tax Credit to help working moms with the cost of raising children. In addition, because of tax reform, companies like Starbucks, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Lowe’s, CVS, and many more businesses have expanded their paid maternity and parental leave benefits. That means a new parent can take more paid time off to be with their newborn baby and have more flexibility to do things like take their child to the doctor.

“For moms like me, who are raising a child with a disability, we expanded ABLE accounts with two bills I championed to allow our kids to explore the workforce and save more of what they earn. It’s marking a new chapter for people with disabilities to find a job that affirms their dignity and empowers them to reach their full potential.

“With women making up 47 percent of the U.S. workforce—and 42% of working moms functioning as either the sole or primary breadwinner in the home—it’s about time a major economic policy was written for us and our families.

“But tax reform is hardly the only opportunity for women to make our voices heard. Our perspectives are necessary in every conversation about the way this country is run. Right now, I’m encouraged to see more women are stepping up and running for office in their communities.”

CLICK HERE to read her op-ed in its entirety.