McMorris Rodgers: We’re building a safe, secure, and proud America

House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) led this morning’s House Republican Leadership press conference and highlighted how House Republicans continue to deliver on the American people’s priorities, including national security and a booming economy thanks to policies like tax reform and regulatory relief. For more on our work, visit

“We’re sending a number of bills to the president’s desk this week that are all focused on building a safe, secure, and proud America. Clearly, for America to be a diplomatic power, we must be a military power. In order to be a military power, you need to be an economic power.

“It’s all connected, and that’s why I’m so encouraged by the results we’re seeing in our economy. Our work to cut taxes and reduce the regulatory environment — we’re seeing the lowest unemployment levels since 2000. 75 percent of small business owners are saying tax reform is positively impacting their business. Americans are more optimistic. Consumer confidence is at a near 20-year high. And this all means that people are dreaming again. They’re hoping for a better life. This is all about improving people’s lives and giving them that opportunity for a better life. That’s why economic growth is so important.

“We’re also sending, this week, a major financial services bill that will unleash Main Street, provide more relief to our community banks. Again, so much of the red tape was impacting Americans, whether they were trying to get a new mortgage for a home, purchase a car, or meet other important needs.

“In addition to growing the economy, it’s also been a top priority for us to rebuild our military. This week, we consider the 2019 NDAA. Our military for too long has been asked to do more without the resources to do it. It’s impacted our readiness. It’s impacted our equipment. And we’re continuing to rebuild our military with the resources that they need. It includes the biggest pay raise for our troops in nine years. And as we look to Memorial Day, as a reminder of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, this is a way that we can continue to support and demonstrate our gratitude to those who are serving and to those who have served.

“With us today is the Congressman from Wisconsin’s 8th District, Mike Gallagher. He joined the Marine Corps the day he graduated from college. He served for seven years in active duty. He knows what the men and women are facing every day on the frontlines, and we’re grateful that he’s here to talk from his perspective.”