On CNBC: McMorris Rodgers Discusses Twitter, Republican Results

House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) joined CNBC’s Squawk Box to share her reaction to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s testimony before the Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on transparency and accountability. A member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, Chair McMorris Rodgers asked Dorsey about Twitter’s role in the public discourse.

In her interview, Chair McMorris Rodgers also discussed our booming economy and the hope that’s been restored in the American people by Republican policies like tax reform and smarter regulations. For more on our work, visit Better.gop.

Missed the interview? Watch it here ↓ and be sure to scroll down for some highlights.

Republicans are Delivering Results for the American People

“I have not read it, and I doubt many people in Eastern Washington have read it. There is a lot of noise about it, and the untold story remains the results of this administration, the results of the Republican majority, and the results on the economy. I just spent several weeks in Eastern Washington. People are hopeful — they’re optimistic again.

“After years of stagnant wages and a stagnant economy, hardworking men and women in Eastern Washington are hopeful again. There are jobs. There’s increased pay. Increased wages. It’s a story that gives people hope. Just two years ago, we were being told that the economy would never grow again at 4 percent…we were told we can’t ever do that again…”

A Free and Fair Twitter

“First, I want to say thanks. Thanks to Jack Dorsey for coming and addressing these questions, coming to Congress, coming before the Energy and Commerce Committee, and sitting there for several hours to answer these questions. I appreciated that. Twitter is a relatively new platform. Several years ago, I was someone on Capitol Hill promoting the use of Twitter, and I think that these new social media platforms are very important in the public square. I use Twitter a lot, and it helps me communicate with the people I represent.

“I think this is a very important discussion that we’re having. I have had concerns, and Jack Dorsey himself had said that Twitter is left-leaning. I believe that we need to address some of the incidences. I asked him directly about the Meghan McCain incident, and he said they made a mistake, they were too slow, they’re going to do better. Well, they’ve been saying that for some time on a number of incidences, and we need to see them take some action to ensure that it is fair, that it is free, and that we are having that battle of ideas that needs to take place in the public square and have it done in a free and fair way.”