House GOP Chair Previews SOTU on Fox News

House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) joined Maria Bartiromo yesterday and Dana Perino this afternoon to preview President Trump’s first State of the Union address. In her interviews, she reflected on the progress the Republican-led Congress has made in the past year on major issues like tax reform, and her optimism for the President’s plan to make America safe, strong, and proud.

Here’s what you may have missed:


“[The State of the Union] is a special time when [President Trump] gets to talk directly to the American people. I expect him to talk about the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, which was just signed into law about a month ago. [I expect him to] talk about the jobs and the economy reports — the positive reports we’re hearing every day about jobs that are coming back to America.”


“Most Americans want to see us move forward with an infrastructure package. We’re looking forward to hearing what the President has to say about more of the details related to infrastructure. It’s kind of the next step as we continue to focus on jobs and the economy — that infrastructure that is so foundational to everything else. We want to hear those details, and we also want to hear more about workforce development needs and the skills gap that is associated with trying to get infrastructure projects in place. We need more skilled workers.”


“We need a DACA deal, and we need the Democrats to join us. I was encouraged, first, to hear the President laid out his vision for immigration and a DACA deal and securing the border. In the House and the Senate, we have had an agreement — a bipartisan, bicameral agreement — for several weeks now on principles related to immigration reform that include a DACA fix, securing the border, the visa waiver program, as well as addressing chain migration. We need to agree to the details, which is always a little more challenging, but I would urge the Democrats not to play politics, to be serious about this issue which clearly needs to be addressed. The President has given us until March 5…but we need that sooner rather than later.”


“We’ve gotten some results that are making a difference in people’s lives. As the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act continues to be implemented, we’re hearing story after story. I was back home in Spokane this past week and I went and visited a local Starbucks in downtown Spokane, where the manager and his wife — they just had a baby four months ago — he was so excited about bonuses and improved family leave that Starbucks announced for 150,000 of its employees…[tax reform] is making a difference in people’s lives.”


“We’ll be headed to the Congressional Institute retreat, Republicans in the House and Senate. We want to keep building on an improved economy and what it takes to create more jobs, better paying jobs, in this country. Infrastructure, immigration, addressing the workforce needs….the expansion of apprenticeship programs — that’s all on the agenda.”


“The laws that are in place regarding the workplace are outdated…for members of Congress it needs to be clarified that if there are any settlements that’s going to come out of their own money. This idea of secret settlements that no one knows about — that is completely wrong. We need for the staff, for the members. We need a place for victims to go when there’s an incident…we need to take action to ensure that we have a safe workplace and that members of Congress are held to the highest standards.”