McMorris Rodgers on Fox News Radio: We are getting results

On Fox News Radio’s Brian Kilmeade Show this morning, House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers encouraged Americans to visit to get the facts on how our pro-growth policies are improving people’s lives. She shared that people in Eastern Washington and across the country are Better Off Now and hopeful again because the economy is booming.

Here’s what you may have missed from the Chair’s interview with Brian Kilmeade:


“[We are] really focusing on the results and making sure that the people in Eastern Washington, as well as all around the country, recognize the hard work we have done and the results we are getting. Look at the economy. Now the media doesn’t want to focus on the economy, but the economy is booming. And it’s the lifting of the regulatory burden, it’s the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and it’s more than a million new jobs since the beginning of the year. We see record unemployment all across the board for youth, for women, for Blacks, for Hispanics. Consumer confidence is at a 18 year high. Unemployment at 3.9 percent. You know, people haven’t seen these numbers in decades and when I talk to people in Eastern Washington, they are hopeful. They are optimistic. Small businesses are growing. They’re expanding. They’re giving their employees pay raises I believe that we need to make sure we are continuing to connect the policies we’ve worked on and our record of results, not rhetoric, with people all across this country.”


“I also believe that when you look at our record of results that people are going to see that we have kept our promises. When we two years ago launched the Better Way agenda, it was focused on policies around our economy, around rebuilding the military, around restoring trust and confidence in representative government–the Article 1 provision, the workforce development, rethinking poverty and welfare programs.

“We have kept our promises and people are better off. I would encourage people to visit It has all of these details that a lot of times they aren’t hearing day in and day out in the news.”