McMorris Rodgers on Fox Business: We need to restore trust

House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) joins Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business, where they discuss restoring trust in this country. That starts with accountability in all areas, from the FBI to the Department of Veterans Affairs to the budget process.

Here’s what you may have missed:


“It’s so important that we are restoring trust and that we are restoring the rule of law in this country. The FBI is the highest law…enforcement agency. The people within the FBI must be held to the highest standards and that is what causes me so much dismay right now. It’s just the cloud that’s over the FBI and the questions that it has raised. We need the men and women there to act in the utmost authority as well as transparency and accountability to the American people. He clearly leaked and it raises a lot of questions.”

“No one is above the law…and that’s the role of Congress. That’s the role of the elected representatives of the people within the House to make sure that we are taking action…”


“I respect [Dr. Ronny Jackson’s] decision. It’s most important that we get someone at the VA. Again, we need to restore trust between the veterans and this agency whose mission is to serve our veterans.

“As someone who represents nearly 70,000 veterans in Eastern Washington, I hear regularly from veterans who feel like when they contact the VA that they’re more of a burden than actually having the red carpet rolled out for them. So we need someone to head up the VA. We need to get focused on the mission of the VA. We need to make sure that our veterans, those who have served, are getting the care that they need when the time comes. That has to be a top priority.”


“We do need to get these people in place because that is part of making sure that President Trump has the people around him to actually lead. People equal policy. He needs these people in place so that we can keep moving forward.”



“Well, there’s too many examples of illegal practices by China where we have seen them taking our intellectual property and duplicating it. I have examples in Eastern Washington and across Washington state. And it destroys companies here in America. I am encouraged that President Trump is focused on making sure that we hold China accountable. I have had concerns about the across-the-board approach…I do believe [tariffs] need to be more targeted. But we must hold a country like China accountable for illegal practices or free and fair trade will never work.”

“I had the chance to spend some time with Larry Kudlow…. He understands economics, world trade, and also what’s going on in China. He basically told us everything’s on the table. Tariffs, no tariffs, sanctions. But we we must hold them accountable.”


“[Spending is] the number one threat that faces us both from a military perspective as well as economic perspective. I’m actually encouraged that the president — and Mick Mulvaney — is leading on putting together a rescissions package. We should have been doing this all along, really taking a look at those opportunities to go into programs, going to agencies and actually through the House and the Senate, cut the spending. The budget process is broken. The House passed all 12 of our appropriations bills. We went through, program by program, agency by agency. The Senate did zero. So, this has been very frustrating.”

“This is our fundamental job as the elected representatives. This is where we exercise the power of the purse. And yet this process is broken. So I definitely want to look at what the president–what they can propose. I think the House and Senate should also be using this tool of rescission to take action so that we can to reduce those deficits and reduce the debt.”


“I think it’s important that these conversations continue. You know, I’ve never been a supporter of the Iran Deal. I thought it was a bad deal. It did not hold Iran accountable for developing or obtaining nuclear weapons. And that’s where we need our European allies to join us in making sure that we have a deal that is going to accomplish the goal of ensuring that they do not develop nuclear weapons. Right now, we do not have that confidence.”