McMorris Rodgers on America’s Newsroom

House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) joins America’s Newsroom on Fox News to discuss news of the day and the work House Republicans are doing to keep our communities safe and improve people’s lives.

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Here’s what you may have missed:


“We need to be willing to have the courageous conversations. We need to come together as a society and really look at what’s going on that is causing young people to take this kind of violence out on one another. It’s just heartbreaking.

“I’m a mom of three school age kids and I think about this personally. We must have confidence that our schools are a safe learning environment for our children. And in Congress in recent months, we have we have passed additional legislation, funding to stop school violence — really giving schools more tools.”

“[There was] a terrible school shooting last fall at Freeman high school that I represent just south of Spokane, and [school administrators] talked about the importance of resource officers, more mental health providers, as well as more resources to take action so that schools are safe.”


“The vote on Friday was really a big signal that there’s a lot of frustration in the House over immigration…because an unrelated issue of immigration was a big factor in us not having the votes to pass the Farm Bill. We have a discharge petition under consideration right now in the House and all that signals that there’s a lot of frustration. The president has been frustrated on this issue. We need solutions…and I’m going to work right now to identify what those solutions are so that we can move forward with border security and those important provisions, as well as addressing the DACA students that are here in this country.”


“Congratulations to Gina. She’s had an impressive career. I’m proud of her leadership and proud that she’s going to be confirmed today as the first female leader of the CIA. She can do it. She’s very impressive.”

“I’m very concerned about people that potentially have been using their positions for political purposes, considering themselves above the law. But we need to get to the facts. We need to understand exactly what has happened and that means that individuals within the FBI, the Department of Justice need to be cooperating with Congress. Congress has a responsibility to provide the oversight. But it means that they must turn over the information and the facts.

“I think that the CIA has a great reputation right now and the leadership both of her as as well as Mike Pompeo. I’m really proud of the work of the CIA and their agents. And I trust that she will be working with us where she needs to…I’ve had the pleasure of serving with Mike Pompeo when he was in the House. A lot of us have served with him, trust him, and are really encouraged that he’s taken this leadership position within the Trump administration.”