Keeping America safe, free, and thriving

This morning, House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) led the weekly House Republican Leadership press conference. It’s a new year with a new tax code, and the Chair highlighted the role tax reform has already played in getting more than one million Americans bonuses — and counting. She also discussed House Republicans’ continued focus on the American people’s priorities, including keeping our country safe and free.

To emphasize this focus, Chair McMorris Rodgers also invited Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH), a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, to join and share his perspective on tax reform’s success and the ongoing work the House is doing to reauthorize FISA and bolster our national security.

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Excerpts from the Chair’s Remarks:

“It’s been 20 days since the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act was enacted, became the law of the land, and we’re very encouraged with the results that we’re already seeing.

“When I was home in the state of Washington, I heard from individuals, I heard from businesses that have already made decisions around that law. The Inland Northwest Bank, which is headquartered in Spokane, announced that their 200 entry-level workers, they would be giving them a $1,000 bonus. Alaska Airlines, which is headquartered in Seattle, has announced a $1,000 bonus to its 22,000 employees. And I’ve spoken with many others that are talking about breaking down those walls, opening up that space, and creating jobs. And it isn’t just happening in Eastern Washington. It’s happening all across the country.

“Because of tax reform, more than a million Americans have already received a bonus. Because of tax reform, there’s a growing list of companies that are boosting investment here at home, creating jobs and giving employees and pay raise. And because of tax reform, many more Americans in February will see an increase in their take home pay.

“Peace of mind, more jobs, bigger paychecks, fairer taxes. These are real, tangible results that we promised to the American people. And in 2018, we’re going to continue focusing on those priorities that will make our economy boom.

“I’m so excited about what this year will bring. I’ve invited Congressman Brad Wenstrup to join us today. He’s a doctor from Cincinnati, Ohio. A former small business owner, he was key in the Tax Cuts & Jobs bill, and promoting what it means for jobs and economic growth for southern Ohio. An average family of four in his district will see a tax cut of $2,470.

“We’re also focused this week on bills to protect the homeland and bolster our efforts to stop terrorist attacks here and abroad. Dr. Wenstrup is a Colonel in the Army Reserves. He’s on the House Intelligence Committee, and really glad to have him here to explain what all this means in keeping America safe and free.”