The most important thing that Congress can do for the American people

This morning, Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL), was invited by Chair McMorris Rodgers to share his thoughts on tax reform at the weekly House Republican Leadership Stakeout. Rep. Curbelo is a member of the Ways and Means Committee, which writes tax policy. He joined the Chair and the Leadership team as the House prepares to pass the budget — an important tool for unlocking tax reform. Now, Rep. Curbelo notes, is the time to pass tax reform. Why? It’s about improving the lives of Americans.

Here are excerpts from Rep. Curbelo’s remarks:

“The most important thing that Congress can do for the American people is to pass meaningful tax reduction for every American family. To overhaul the tax code so that American companies stop leaving the United States, and instead invest more here in American infrastructure and American families.”

“This is about all of those people who haven’t benefited from economic recovery…but what we want is for economic recovery to reach every household in our country–people who are frustrated; people who feel like they’ve done everything right, but they still can’t get ahead; young people who have gone to college, invested in a degree, and still don’t have quality job.”

“We are going to put a product out there that every American is going to be able to see is going to improve quality of life in this country. And lastly, I’ll say this isn’t just about taxes and the economy. This about us showing that Congress can work together to improve the lives of every American. This is about restoring the faith, the trust, the confidence in our government, which is something we sorely need in this country.”

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