House Republicans Honor the Late Senator John McCain

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House Republicans this week joined a grateful nation in honoring the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ). On Friday, August 31, 2018, Sen. McCain received the rare honor of lying in state in the U.S. Capitol, a ceremony in which America pays tribute to our most “eminent citizens.”

Here’s a closer look at House Republicans’ gestures of commemoration–in their own words:

Speaker Paul Ryan

“John McCain deserves to be remembered as he wished to be remembered.

“A patriot who served his country.

“A man of yes, the Senate, but also of the House.

“A Navy man. A family man.

“A man who made an enormous difference in the lives of countless people.

“A man of conviction.

“A man of state.”

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Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy

“Great nations require great sacrifices by their leaders. Few have made a greater sacrifice for their country than Senator John McCain. McCain emerged bloody but unbowed from years of torture in North Vietnam. He has shown the same resiliency in his subsequent years of public service, and lately in his battle against cancer.

“In the past, I have had the privilege to work with Senator McCain on legislation to protect our nation’s aerospace industry and ensure we do not rely on foreign powers to travel to the stars. In this instance, as in every decision he made as a statesman, Senator McCain was guided by a belief that America is a force for good in the world so long as we stick firmly to our principles.

“I am praying for Senator McCain and his family. Let us use this moment to remember a man worthy of our respect and imitation.”

Majority Whip Steve Scalise

“John McCain defined what it means to be an American hero, and our country will forever be indebted to him for his service to our country. He battled cancer head on with the same bravery and fearlessness he displayed throughout his life, and it’s that fighting spirit that we will remember. Jennifer and I send our thoughts and prayers to the entire McCain family as we share in their grief.”

House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers

“America has lost a true hero and patriot upon the passing of Senator John McCain. His entire life was lived in service to our country, and generations to come will learn of his faithful sacrifice and patriotism. He was a man of character who bravely fought for our freedom no matter the circumstances or challenges before him. As a decorated war hero and a Senator who always put people before party, that character was unwavering. Senator McCain’s life of service was an extraordinary one, and he will be dearly missed. May he rest in eternal peace, and may his family find comfort in knowing his legacy will never be forgotten.”

Rep. Andy Biggs

“Cindy and I offer our sincerest condolences to the McCain family on the passing of Senator John McCain, an American war hero. Arizona lost an iconic leader tonight.

“Senator McCain served Arizona and his country for decades – first in the U.S. Navy and then in Congress. He endured the trials of war in Vietnam, suffering greatly as a prisoner of war. He turned his attention to public service, giving Arizona a champion for western issues and worked to preserve American military preparedness.

“My first encounter with John McCain was when he ran for the U.S. House for the first time, as an East Valley Conservative. In my encounters with Senator McCain through the years, he was always gracious and respectful to me and my opinions. When I won election to the U.S. House, Senator McCain invited me to his office to talk to me about Congress. He dismissed his staff and mine and we spent more than an hour talking about politics, family, and America. I will always remember that occasion with great fondness.

“Our prayers are with the McCain family tonight.”

In the Verde Independent

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Gilbert, tweeted about his history with McCain and offered condolences to his wife, Cindy McCain on the passing of an “iconic leader.”

Rep. David Schweikert, R-Scottsdale, shared prayers and condolences with McCain’s family.


Rep. Martha McSally, R-Tucson, called McCain “an American hero” and said her heart was with the McCain family as “Arizona grieves with them.”

Rep. Debbie Lesko, R-Surprise, said McCain lived a life of service.

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