We share the President’s goal, and we’ve been doing our part

This morning, House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) led the weekly House Republican Leadership press conference. In her remarks, she previewed President Trump’s first State of the Union address, during which he will share his vision for a safe, proud, and strong America. The People’s House, Chair McMorris Rodgers commented, shares this vision and has been doing its part by focusing on the American people’s priorities, including national security and economic growth from the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.

Chair McMorris Rodgers’s Remarks:

“Tonight we’ll be hearing from the President about his vision for a safe, proud, and strong America. In the People’s House, we share his goal, and we’ve been doing our part.

“From eliminating Obama-era regulations to the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, creating jobs, repealing Obamacare’s individual mandate — this past year has been about putting power back in the hands of hardworking American men and women in this country.

“When I was home last week, I heard the excitement and the energy from so many, whether they were young families, small business owners, job creators. They’re very optimistic about the future and they feel like an even stronger economy is on the horizon because of tax reform.

“That’s part of why I’m so excited to be listening to the President tonight during his first State of the Union address about how we can build on these reforms so that all Americans and their families have an opportunity for a better life.

“Tomorrow morning, the House and the Senate will head off for the Congressional Institute retreat, where we will be discussing how to put this vision into action. As we continue our work, we encourage our colleagues across the aisle to come to the table, not play politics with the issues that matter most to people, like national security.”