NOW LAW: FY19 National Defense Authorization Act

Today, President Trump signed into law the FY19 National Defense Authorization Act, a bill that continues our work to reverse the damage of the last decade and reassert the dominance of the American military. This NDAA is the earliest bill of its kind since 1977. It also means that our troops just got the largest pay raise in nearly a decade.

After years of cuts under the Obama administration, our military was left in a state of disrepair. There is a human toll to this self-imposed readiness crisis. More of our service members die in training accidents than in combat.

When we rolled out our Better Way to Keep America Safe and Free agenda two years ago, these were the types of tragedies we wanted to prevent by rebuilding our military. And we’re keeping our promises. For more on that, visit

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY)

“I am honored that President Trump accepted my invitation and traveled to our district to sign into law the most important national security legislation that Congress writes. President Trump’s visit was an important opportunity to thank our brave men and women in uniform for their service as he signed into law the largest pay raise for our troops in nine years. This bipartisan bill also strengthens our military readiness, which will help military installations around the country — including Fort Drum. And as a Member of the House Intelligence Committee, I am also pleased that this legislation includes several provisions to counter Russian aggression and to provide new sanctions on the Russian arms industry.”

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House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA):

“Our military has been asked to do too much, with too little, for far too long. It’s created a readiness crisis that has endangered the lives of our troops and jeopardized our nation’s safety. To bolster America’s security and reverse these dangerous trends, Republicans have led to prioritize military funding. The NDAA President Trump signed into law today will direct critical resources to address the readiness crisis, give our troops their biggest pay raise in 9 years, and ensure they have the equipment they need to do their jobs. After years of cuts and decay, we are keeping our promise to rebuild our military and put the security of our country first. As a result, America is Better Off Now.”