“There was nothing in that bill for them to oppose.”

Earlier today, House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) led a press conference with her colleagues to call out the Senate Democrats for the completely unnecessary and unconscionable shutdown of the federal government. It’s time for them to do what’s right and end the #SchumerShutdown.

For more information, visit SchumerShutdown.com

Here’s what the House Republicans had to say:

Chair McMorris Rodgers:

“This shutdown of the government is completely unnecessary. Last night, Senate Democrats made a decision no to join us in funding the government, in providing support to our military, and reauthorizing the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

“They made the choice to shut the government down, to deny our troops their pay, and to keep health care and important coverage for some of our most vulnerable — children and pregnant women, nine million across the country — from moving forward. It’s really disappointing. It’s sad. They chose the path of dysfunction, and they are failing are most vulnerable, voting against a bill they have no opposition to. They do not disagree with anything that was put in the continuing resolution, and now, unfortunately, states all across the country face uncertainty.

“Children across the country, including in Washington state, are running out of funding through the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Today, military academies, active duty and service reserve members and their families face uncertainty while they are on the front lines keeping us safe and secure.

“Americans should have trust and confidence in their representatives to solve problems on behalf of the people, not play games. It is our fundamental constitutional responsibility to fund the government. Democrats have put false deadlines and politics in front of doing what is right for the people. Unfortunately, we are now engaged in a Schumer Shutdown. I encourage you to go to SchumerShutdown.com for more information.”

Rep. Andy Barr (R-KY):

“Thank you to our Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers for your leadership. You are absolutely right — this is a disappointing day for the country. In order to assess how we got here, it is important to review the historical record from the last six months.

“The House of Representatives, House Republicans, pass all 12 appropriations bills not only on time, but ahead of schedule in September. More than five months ago, the business of the House was completed and we fully funded the government. House Republicans also reauthorized the Children’s Health Insurance Program for five years back in November, but Senate Democrats obstructed both of those pieces of legislation — the CHIP reauthorization and the full funding of the government. Just as they blocked the House-passed CR earlier this week, which included a six-year extension of the Children’s Health Insurance Program, in addition to full government funding of our military and other programs.  

“I come from the 6th Congressional District of Kentucky, and we know that over nine million American children depend on CHIP, but there are 90,000 children and families in the Commonwealth of Kentucky that depend on the…program, so it is extremely disappointing that Senate Democrats, led by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, blocked this noncontroversial legislation solely for the purpose of making unrelated politically-motivated divisive policy demands.

“Senator Schumer, where is your heart? Senator Schumer, where is your head? It is not only reckless, but it is wrong to jeopardize access to health care for children in need. I call on Senate Democrats and Senator Schumer in particular. We’ve done our job. Now you do your job. Stop this partisan obstruction. End the Schumer Shutdown. Vote with us to reopen the government immediately. Pay our troops and help these children in need.”

Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA):

“…It is unconscionable that there is government funding being held up for an issue that has nothing to do with funding the government. It is an abdication of the basic constitutional duty by the Congress to hold this government up for an issue that was being negotiated in good faith…

“I want to read a quick letter to you. I have been getting Facebook messages and emails and letters from folks domestically and abroad. As you know, I represent a district that has more active-duty and veterans than anyone in the nation. Let me read this letter to you:

“‘Sir, with great respect, I am retired Air Force veteran, civil service employee, and single mother of four sons. For 20 years, 1 month, and 21 days, I served my country. I have continued my service to the country as a government employee since my retirement. This shutdown is going to cripple my family. While I wait, hope, and pray for a swift resolution, I have to work out how I may have to support my family.’

“I have heard this throughout the day yesterday. With this government shutdown, you heard about CHIP, nine million kids in need that we’re not helping out. 65,000 of them in Virginia. Homeland Security and CIA and other frontline protectors are trying to figure out who they are going to bring into work on Monday and who is essential as opposed to dealing with their mission.

“Most importantly, the military will not be paid. But I want to assure all of you that the military will hold the line. The military will live up to their obligations to protect this nation and continue to be in harm’s way, and they will do it even if they are not paid because that is what they believe in — a cause greater than themselves.

“We owe it to them here in Congress and in the Senate to hold up our end of our constitutional duty for this nation, to fund the government, to fund them, to make sure there is not a negative cascading effect…I urge my colleagues in the House and Senate to make sure that we fund this government, get it going, and I will want to say I am going to dedicate my pay every single day to a veterans charity, and I call on Senator Schumer and my own senators, Senator Kaine and Senator Warner, to do the same and join me.”

Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH):

“I join my colleagues here in standing firm and opposing this devastating Schumer Shutdown of the federal government. It is a sad day for our country, but, you know, what makes it even sadder is that it was totally avoidable. There was nothing in the House bill that was passed to the Senate that Senate Democrats opposed: funding for our troops, providing essential health insurance for children, and keeping the federal government open. There was nothing in that bill for them to oppose.

“In Ohio, this is going to have devastating effects. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, air reserve bases and National Guard bases throughout our state — those people will face a great deal of uncertainty starting today. But the children — 224,000 Ohio children that depend on the Children’s Health Insurance Program. This is absolutely uncalled for.

“This did not have to happen, and it is a sad day that Senate Democrats, led by Chuck Schumer, have decided to take this irresponsible course instead of standing up to their responsibility and doing what their constitutional mandate is, which is support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

“I join my colleagues in calling on Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats to come back. We are here. We are ready to work. We stand ready to open the government back up, fund our military, and to provide health insurance for these kids. I hope you will join us.”