“My district wants to see things getting done”

Did you know that the House passed bills to boost our economy, help our troops, care for our veterans, and roll back regulations?

That’s what Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) shared with Fox & Friends, Varney & Co., and MSNBC’s Ali Velshi this morning. As Rep. Tenney highlights, we’ve done a lot and we’re focused on the issues that Americans care about.

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On Rolling Back Regulations:

“We want to focus on issues. We need to get jobs, and people back to work. We need to get the ability to lend. And that’s one of the reasons why we passed the Financial CHOICE Act…it gives a chance for the smaller banks. In my community, we’re all small, community bankers. 77 percent of the farm loans come from community banks, so empowering the smaller banks, giving the individual a chance to thrive in our communities — that’s what I support.”

Why We Need Tax Reform:

“We care about getting things done. My district with some of the highest job losses, population losses, in New York state and across the country. We need tax reform. We need the health care bill repealed and replaced. We’ve done a good job on our Veterans Administration. We have 270 bills sitting at the Senate. You can’t say that the Congress hasn’t gotten anything done. We passed the [Financial] CHOICE Act. I think the frustration is with the Senate…with 270 bills sitting at their doorstep, waiting to pass.”

Our Districts Expect Big Things:

“[My district] just wants to see things getting done. They want to see tax reform, they want to see Obamacare repealed. They’re happy with the Veterans Administration overhaul legislation that we passed…we passed the [Financial] CHOICE Act…and that’s going to be significant for helping our small business community get loans. We’re focused on issues….our House has been so productive.”