Chair McMorris Rodgers talks retreat, CHIP, and tax reform on Bloomberg

On Bloomberg earlier today, House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) highlighted how tax reform is already benefiting Americans of all walks of life. More on that is available at She also previewed the upcoming joint House/Senate Republican retreat and 2018 priorities.

Missed the interview? We’ve got you covered. 


“We’ve already had over two million Americans that have seen bonuses or increased paychecks. Next month, 90% of Americans are on track to see bigger paychecks as their take home pay is increased because of the new withholdings from the federal government. We’re seeing businesses that are expanding, that are knocking down those walls, and hiring more people and getting our economy growing. We want to keep this going because it is bigger paychecks and more opportunity for everyone.”


“Well, we need all of you to highlight some of these stories because there are so many stories all across the country in every corner of this country whether it is individuals, the employee at Walmart that is excited about a bigger paycheck that I recently met or businesses, major businesses that are increasing and giving bonuses or expanding, talking about major investments in America. That is really exciting and we need more people to cover that and tell this story. I am confident that as this continues to be implemented that we’re only going to hear more of these stories. That is going to be the best way that we win hearts and minds on it.”


“As the Chair of the Republican Conference, I get to help organize this retreat. It has been a pleasure to work with Senator John Thune as my counterpart in the Senate bringing the House and Senate Republicans together. I think it is very important that we do come together and talk about 2018 and our priorities.

“Part of the success of the Tax Cuts & Jobs bill was that we agreed on an outline. The House, the Senate, and the White House agreed on an outline to address tax reform and that is part of the goal of the retreat to get us on the same page so whether that is addressing the skills gap, workforce development, infrastructure, all of it is building upon the success of the tax bill. It is important that we get on the same page and that is part of the purpose of the retreat.”


“I am confident that we will have the votes in the House on a funding bill, a short term funding bill that includes the extension of CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, as well as the lifting of some of the health insurance taxes that will help bring down health care premiums whether it is the health insurance tax, the cadillac tax, that is all part of what is in the works right now and we will be voting on that later today.”