August Spotlight: Rep. Will Hurd

August may have come to a close, but we just can’t stop talking about all the great work House Republicans did while at home in their districts.

Case in point: Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX), who represents southwest Texas.  

This summer, he hosted 20 town halls in seven days, which he called “DC2DQ” because they often took place in Dairy Queen restaurants. When he wasn’t hosting a town hall, he was visiting businesses and schools to hear from as many people as he could. His work last month spanned an impressive 1,800 miles.

“When I first ran for Congress, folks told me that they never saw their Representative,” Rep. Hurd writes in a blog post about his summer meetings. “I promised them that they would never be able to say that about me. Regardless of if you agree with me or not, I will continue to show up in your community, tell you what I have done and why I did it.”

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